Aquarius And Aquarius Compatibility: Relationship, Love, Dating, Marriage

Aquarius and Aquarius lovers might have a sexual connection that is full of thrills and experimentation. They will quickly discover a vocabulary to connect their unique sexualities and will fulfill each other’s dreams without any constraint. Both of these partners will struggle to fit into traditional sexual expectations and will rarely understand the taboos and constraints that others impose.

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Aquarius and Aquarius: Dating & Love Compatibility

Emotional Connections In Love

In a romantic connection, aquarius man and aquarius woman love compatibility may have a lot of affection for each other, but they are more likely to consider each other just excellent friends. As a result, while 2 Water-Bearer dating is not particularly emotional in the traditional sense, it does not imply that it is emotionless. Rather, their love is spreading to larger populations. Although the relationship between a Water-Bearer man and Water-Bearer woman love compatibility may not be particularly romantic, it must be built on a solid foundation of love in order to succeed. The nicest element of their love equation is that they aren’t possessive of each other while caring deeply about each other.

aquarius and aquarius love compatibility
Aquarius And Aquarius: Dating & Love Compatibility

Trust In Love

Since aquarius dating aquarius first start dating, their trust will be developed on a foundation of freedom, so none of them will have any reason to lie. If either of these couples becomes possessive, they will be betraying their own ideals if they choose to stay in this type of relationship.

Shared Values

Weekends are spent going to the movies, visiting artists’ markets, and sharing ideas over long, long dinners when not making ridiculous challenges. During late brunches, 2 aquarius dating peruse Sunday papers and discuss editorials. Slowly but steadily, Water-Bearer and Water-Bearer love grows until one day they invest in a public garden plot or adopt a rescue puppy together – at which moment the deal is officially sealed.

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Aquarius & Aquarius In Bed: Sexuality Compatibility

Aquarius and aquarius sexually can be fascinating, full of new emotions and passionate action. They won’t think twice about satisfying each other’s desires, and they won’t hold back. Both will be unaffected by social limitations and taboos, which is why they will love sexual pleasures so much. The lack of emotions, which leads to a lack of intimacy, is the one thing that can ruin a Water-Bearer and Water-Bearer sexual connection. As a result, they may find it hard to maintain the passion of the initial sexual encounters.

Aquarius & Aquarius In Bed: Sexuality Compatibility
Aquarius & Aquarius In Bed: Sexuality Compatibility

Aquarius and aquarius in bed have an easy time finding common ground in the bedroom. They are free of taboos and can fulfill strange dreams or desires without fear of consequences.

For Water-Bearer and Water-Bearer sexually, a casual sexual connection may be the best option, as this zodiac sign has a strong desire for freedom and independence, which can be challenging in a relationship. During sex, there is also a lack of actual vulnerability and connection, with separation taking priority over excitement.

Despite this, when Water-Bearer and Water-Bearer in bedtheir intense attraction appears in the bedroom in a variety of ways, including experimenting, trying new things, and acting out fantasies.

Aquarius And Aquarius Marriage

If you ask why, aquarius man and aquarius woman will give you a lecture about patriarchal customs based on money and bloodlines. They may stage a wedding as a joke or a dare, in which case expect Elvis impersonators and a black wedding gown Water-Bearer man and Water-Bearer woman have the ability to desecrate marriage in a single foul swoop.

Marriage between two Aquarius
Aquarius And Aquarius Marriage

They desire their own land and area as permanent signs, and any attempt to change or rearrange things is considered an invasion. One of the reasons why separate living arrangements are frequently considered – even after marriage – is because of this. Aquarius has vocations that require travel as global people, and much of their relationship may feel like ships passing in the night. Aquarius and aquarius marriage labor for the same cause or in the same political office in a successful Water-Bearer marriage, which means less skyping and phone sex.

There’s a small chance of biological children. Aquarius can be married for a long time and then develop an interest in the biological process of childbirth, and overpopulation takes a back place to the creation of new life. Aquarian parents make sure their children are resilient and independent, and they value quality time spent together. Devices are turned off, and the house is filled with enough fantasy and excitement to keep tiny minds busy and inquisitive.

Aquarius And Aquarius Friendship

This could be the strangest relationship you’ve ever seen. Aquarius and aquarius friendship may not live together or even in the same city, they may forget birthdays and anniversaries, and family members may be unaware of their connection. In fact, much of Water-Bearer and Water-Bearer friendship is spent as a couple.

They withdraw, regroup, and re-calibrate after saving the globe and curing the common cold — it’s time to binge watch, read, and get to know each other’s thoughts once more. Water-Bearer and Water-Bearer soulmates who prioritize reconnecting have a decent chance of surviving.


It’s also difficult to match their rhythms as air signs. One will be a whirlwind of enthusiasm for their latest social company, while the other will be blissfully daydreaming about unicorns and talking whales. They may lose the ability to excite each other with ideas and mental difficulties due to poor timing.

It’s possible that biological children will be born. Aquarius and aquarius soulmates can be happily married for a long time and then develop an interest in the biological process of childbirth, putting overpopulation on the back burner in favor of the creation of new life.

Fun & Interests

Aquarius is a resolute and ambitious sign, which means they have a clear idea of what they desire. This is critical in any relationship, but especially romantic ones. As a result, two Aquarians can benefit from one other’s abilities and help each other achieve.

This zodiac sign cherishes independence, acceptance, and freedom, and a relationship based on these values is likely to succeed. Because of their drive for independence, alone time in a relationship will never cause a rift; it is simply a part of their personality.


Because Aquarius cherishes independence and freedom, dishonesty is practically non-existent in their relationship. However, issues can occur between two cognitively powerful and intelligent individuals. Both Aquarians can prevent this by establishing personal limits.

Bond & Long lasting ability

In terms of love and romance, Aquarius and Aquarius are an excellent match. Both partners are more likely to connect with persons who share their interests. Their hobbies will be diverse, yet they will both be able to learn a great deal from one another. They are often tough to be around for any sign of the zodiac because they have internal resistance, but this is something that both of them may recognize in each other. If they truly respect each other, there’s a strong chance they’ll learn to understand each other’s lives in other ways as well. These two lovers have a strong chance of keeping united since they will understand each other better than anybody else.

Are Aquarius and Aquarius soulmates?

Aquarius will explore each other in existential ways as a group. This is why they spend so much time together and chat so much. They want to talk about their feelings together and have a deep chat. That conversation can go on until the wee hours of the morning. They hope to create a pleasant bubble and, in the end, achieve world peace. They like to be real and wish to peel back the layers of the world’s façade. They want to be peacemakers rather than fighters.

Water-Bearer wishes for a more progressive concept of peace in the globe. This is a highly balanced and liberating peacemaking connection. This pairing will stand out since they are both strange, rebellious, and creative personalities. It may be difficult to pin them down or see them in regular social circumstances.

An Aquarius-Aquarius relationship wants to do what they love for long periods of time, whether that’s hour-long writing sessions, delving into a new hobby, or long make out sessions. This combo could likely start as a long friendship, as most Aquarius prefer to start their relationships that way.

The great thing about a Water Bearer – Water Bearer pairing is the potential for acceptance, which is what the Water-Bearer wants. It might be difficult to fulfill that need, but since it is both what they want, it can help them be on the same page. They’ll need to experience many different new and exciting things together in order to heat up their emotions.

9+ Pros And Cons Of An Aquarius And Aquarius Relationships

It’s useful to be aware of the peculiarities of dating. Every person has a unique personality, although not everyone expresses all of their characteristics straight away. It might be tough to get to know someone thoroughly before entering into a serious relationship with them. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to know who will irritate you and who will make you laugh so hard that your jaw hurts. Sometimes all you need to know is what’s coming next.

When you’re in a relationship with someone, knowing what to expect might save you a lot of grief. Zodiac signs might help you better grasp a person’s characteristics. The personality attributes of a person can be determined by their zodiac sign.



Aquarius and aquarius relationship is  incredibly tolerant and open-minded. They’re cutting-edge and forward-thinking. They are incredibly powerful and self-sufficient. They have a terrific sense of humor and may make you laugh out loud. They’re both intelligent and strange. They will create an emotional bond with you. They yearn for a strong mental connection, and it is their first goal when entering a relationship. They’re incredibly inventive and enjoy thinking outside the box. They’ll make you feel special at all times and take you to a variety of various locations and dates. Water-Bearer and Water-Bearer relationship despise getting stuck in a rut and enjoy trying new things every now and then. They’ll make you feel at ease and ensure that you’re being the greatest and most authentic version of yourself.


Water-Bearer and Water-Bearer relationship can be a little abrasive and emotionless at times. They can be emotionally and physically detached. Aquarians can be eccentric, making them feel like an outcast, which has a detrimental affect on their emotional well-being. An Aquarian finds it challenging to communicate effectively with their partner. Being on the same page might be difficult, and their partner is usually the one who has to put in extra effort to understand them. They can be distant at times. Don’t be startled if they cut you off or shut you off unexpectedly. That’s how Water-Bearer and Water-Bearer relationship deal with an emotional state that isn’t stable. They prefer to be in command, and if they aren’t, they might become emotionally aggressive. They can be a handful to keep up with, and keeping up with them can be challenging.

Aquarius Man And Aquarius Woman Famous Couples

It will be fascinating to see how an aquarius man and aquarius woman interact. Couples by nature, Aquarians have been searching for their soul match for a long time. This sign, both a Water-Bearer man and Water-Bearer woman, is not in a hurry to marry and spends a long time looking at the mate. It’s not usually about them in a young marriage.

Shakira is an Aquarius, and Gerard is an Aquarius as well. They met in 2010 while Shakira was filming a video for her song “This Time for Africa” for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He also noticed her when she sang her final song that day. Gerard’s relationship with her was confirmed in 2011 when he performed a song with her on stage. It didn’t take them long to grow their family after Shakira gave birth to their first child in 2013, and their second child in 2015. The couple is content together, but Shakira is opposed to marriage. She claims that it is preferable for Gerard to see her as a girlfriend rather than a wife.

Sam and Missy met in a New York City theater in 2003, where both were performing. Trammell and Yager began dating in 2006, three years later. Despite the fact that both partners are committed to their relationship, they aren’t married. The birth of two beautiful twin children in 2011 is an excellent confirmation of their complete seriousness about their intentions towards their partner. Sam is well-known for his professional success, but his wonderful and happy family is also noteworthy.

Josh is a Water-Bearer, and Diane is a Water-Bearer as well. They began dating in 2002, and Josh proposed to Diane in 2003. The couple married in 2004, and a few months later, the press was rocked by news of Josh’s arrest from his home. He was accused of physically abusing his wife. Then it devolved into a domestic squabble, but not into abuse. The couple announced their divorce in 2013.

According to the celebrity’s inner circle, the divorce was amicable, and no nightmares occurred. Josh was detained by the police numerous times during their marriage, and they also had opposing views on child rearing.His subsequent marriage to Libra is more successful.

And these above couples as examples of Water-Bearer man and Water-Bearer woman.

Aquarius x Aquarius Summary

Aquarius compatibility is regarded as a positive relationship. The aquarius x aquarius couple can spend their entire lives together. Though the Aquarius female appears to be more realistic than the Aquarius guy, the connection will undoubtedly last longer due to their love relationship.

Dating & Love Compatibility
Sexuality Compatibility

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