AQUARIUS ZODIAC SIGN - Aquarius Horoscope

The Aquarius sign is the 11th zodiac sign in astrology. And Aquarius sign dates is the time period from about January 20 to about February 18. Its depiction as a man pouring a stream of water from a jug is thought to have arisen. Because the rising of Aquarius in ancient times coincided with a period of floods and rain in the Middle East.

Symbol: Water-Bearer (♒︎)

Element: Air

Color: Light-Blue, Silver

Quality: Fixed

Day: Saturday

Ruler: Uranus, Saturn

Greatest Compatibility: Libra, Sagittarius, Gemini

Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29

Icon / emoji:

Aquarius Zodiac Icon

Aquarius Sign Traits


Aquarians, due to their eccentric nature, find it easy to form bonds with others. And they will not hesitate to reconnect with friends or family members they haven’t seen or heard from in a long time. Aquarians have a wonderful enthusiasm for life. And they have a lot of energy and a strong desire to try new things. Because they are sociable, they prefer to work in groups and socialize in groups rather than having just one or two friends. They enjoy new experiences and will always be the first to try anything different.

Aquarians are one of the most outgoing and amusing zodiac signs, making them enjoyable to be around. Their eccentric and empathetic nature makes them excellent advisors, always eager to assist those in need and to lend a sympathetic ear. They make fantastic companions and put forth a lot of effort to help more introverted signs come out of their shells. Also, these people are always willing to accompany friends on new experiences. And they are always up for the next thrilling experience, thanks to their curiosity about the world and their vitality. They are also generous givers, so if you ever need something, an Aquarian will gladly share whatever they have.


An Aquarian’s need to be the center of attention might leave them feeling severely hurt if they are ignored. In an effort to reclaim their attention, their peculiarities may become even more apparent. They almost seem to enjoy the confusion they cause with their odd observations at times. Because of their eccentricity, their behavior can occasionally border on the bizarre. And they relish the shock that comes with expressing them. This can be fun at times, but it is not always constructive.

Aquarius zodiac sign people are sometimes exploited because of their friendly and generous natures. They must also set aside time for themselves to reflect on their own inner world, as focusing on others can deplete their energy. They do have a tendency to become bored rapidly if their social life isn’t stimulating enough. People under Aquarius enjoy being busy, both mentally and physically. And as a result, they may be tense and nervous.

Aquarius Sign Likes

Sci-fi: This could take the form of formal astronaut training or aspirations, as well as more commonplace interests such as astrology, aliens, and binge-watching Netflix programs about space travel and other worlds.

Technology: They adore getting a new phone! Give them electronic gadgets and leave them alone for several days. They are not going to complain.

Writing. You have to get it out when there’s so much going on in your thoughts, right? And Aquarians are known for having a lot to say, as well as the vocabulary and eloquence to say it elegantly.

Flying: They are an Air sign, therefore the vast expanse of sky above us is their natural habitat. Any chance to fly, hang glide, skydive, or get high in the clouds is welcomed and eagerly seized.

Art: While poetry consisting solely of lines beginning with the letter ‘A’ or a new artwork depicting an upturned trash can may not appeal to us mere mortals, Aquarius devours the extreme, edgy, and, frankly, bizarre nonsense in the art world. They are aware of the situation.

Aquarius Sign Dislikes

They, on the other hand, despise a variety of things and individuals. Aquarius individuals despise intimacy and emotions because they are firm believers in logic and restraint. These people also despise those who brag. And they despise being taken for granted. They prefer not to be completely pinned down. Because they enjoy being able to move around freely. This will prevent them from exploring the world. They are adamantly opposed to fighting and violence as social justice advocates. True pacifists by nature, they prefer to settle disagreements through dialogue so that both parties can understand each other’s issues.

Furthermore, Aquarius people are famous for being self-sufficient and avoid taking out loans or borrowing money from others. This is their way of maintaining their self-respect. They despise traditional authority since they are continuously attempting to change political governments and social injustices. This explains why some Aquarians become radicals, socialists, communists, or even extremists. Aquarius individuals, on the other hand, dislike the mundane and people who strive to emulate others.

Aquarius Sign Love And Sex

The greatest aphrodisiac for Aquarius sign is intellectual stimulation. Nothing else can captivate them more than a stimulating chat with another individual. Openness, communication, imagination, and a willingness to take risks are qualities that fit well in this zodiac sign’s emotional world. Their compatibility in Aquarius sign love with other signs is complicated. Since they represent the opposition and have difficulty relating to others if their feeling of independence is threatened. Or they perceive it to be threatened.

Anybody who wants to stay in their life must have integrity and honesty. And feelings would have nothing much to do with how they deal with those who betrayed or made them sad along the way. In terms of Aquarius sign compatibility, people under this sign would grant their spouses autonomy. Also, these people consider their partners as equals and powerful as themselves. Especially they may struggle with day-to-day interactions, even with individuals with whom they are profoundly in love if they have all the independence they want.

The planet Uranus rules Aquarius. This can indicate that their spouse is dealing with someone who lacks a lot of ferocity or fire in the bedroom. It should be noted, however, that this in no way implies that they are unsuitable for sexual activity. In fact, this is the furthest thing from reality.

They’re also air signs, and like other air signs, they think of sex as cerebral or cognitively stimulating rather than sexual. When it comes to Aquarius sign sex, they are frequently known to be highly uninhibited, imaginative, and curious.

This is a person who has no qualms about exploring every nook and cranny of their partner’s fantasies and desires.

Aquarius Sign Friends And Family

Friends – Regardless of their communication skills, Aquarius representatives require time to develop a connection with a friend. And they will unconsciously go to great lengths to avoid being emotional and vulnerable in public. They are willing to sacrifice themselves only when absolutely necessary. And by the time they arrive to assist a person in need, they will have realized that they never needed aid in the first place. Aquarius sign friendship requires creative friends who are honest and have a high IQ.

Family – These people have particular expectations of their loved ones. Even if it isn’t their place to find answers for their parents, they will do it nevertheless, and more often than not force their will on Aquarius sign family with the best of intentions — to persuade them to get along. The sense of obligation they feel toward some family won’t keep them there for long. Because emotional blackmail, like all emotional blackmail, rarely affects the Aquarius soul.

Aquarius Sign Career And Money

This is a sign that offers energy, inventiveness, and enthusiasm to their profession, as well as a fantastic capacity to use their imagination for commercial goals. Many people in their lives are inspired by their high intellect mixed with their willingness to give their talents. They are visionary who enjoys humane activities and needs to operate in an environment that promotes improved conditions for vulnerable groups of people.

Individuals under this zodiac sign can spend money on numerous risks. But they can save money also, and all they need is something to look forward to in order to build a saving zone in their lives. They’ve honed their sense of style and aren’t ashamed to flaunt it. This is why the colors they see in the world make such a difference in their emotional state. The success of Aquarius sign career usually falls in occupations such as piloting, paragliding, and photography, but they also make wonderful programmers, brilliant mathematicians, and scientists, and they must demonstrate their personality without following tight limits.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man In Love

When Aquarius sign man falls in love, he won’t know how to express himself. On the one hand, he will want to demonstrate how thrilling and great he is, but he will struggle to express how he feels. Saturn is the traditional ruler of this sign, and it is easy to see how aloof and unemotional this planet can be. Aquarius has to develop a sense of inner security and confidence in order to find ways to communicate his love, which might be difficult for him to do at times. If he is to believe his own sentiments, he must dive deep into them, which can lead to an unnecessarily pessimistic and dark view of true love.

Can You Trust Your Aquarius Man

In most circumstances, this is a man whom you can completely trust. But he will frequently be inaccessible, which will frustrate many zodiac signs and raise their own basic lack of trust in partnerships. This guy will never lie on the spur of the moment, even if he appears to do so. And if he does, it reveals a much deeper issue in his relationship than a mere unconscious impulse to cheat or let someone down.

Understanding Aquarius Men

He is gifted, idealistic, and humanitarian, standing firm in his convictions and protecting his values with his life. His goal is not to irritate those around him, but to free people from prejudice and superficial rules of conduct. It’s difficult to comprehend him because he doesn’t use traditional means of communication to express himself. Most of the time, he will merely cling to his mental fortresses and maintain a detached, haughty demeanor that leaves little opportunity for intimacy. If you can get to the heart of the matter, you might discover that his image hides some real fireworks.

How To Choose A Gift For Your Aquarius Man

Any contemporary, gleaming, technological device will suffice. If he receives a new laptop or phone, he’ll act like a small child with an instruction manual that’s longer than an encyclopedia. He’d want to read anything, from detergent bottle labels to science fiction literature. This is a man who doesn’t give a damn about his birthday or holidays. But who would love to be surprised at any time with something he really needs or a work of modern art that catches his attention.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Woman In Love

When an Aquarius sign woman falls in love, she will follow her feelings as long as she is free to be herself. Because she is afraid of losing her identity in front of other people, she is easily manipulated into being someone she is not. Still, there comes a period in practically every Aquarius woman’s life when she must “grow up” and accept that a certain level of love is sufficient for her to create a family, raise children, and care for her spouse. This is arguably the most difficult thing she’ll ever have to do. And a decision like this should be honored and recognized as the ultimate gesture of love. Even if it appears logical.

Can You Trust Your Aquarius Woman

This is a question with two opposing viewpoints. Without a question, she will be someone you can trust if a relationship lets her feel confident enough to open up and dig into her emotional pool. When her personality is threatened in any way, she will either break up or lie, be fully aware of the situation, accept blame. And she still feels good about it.

Understanding Your Aquarius Woman

Aquarius is a sign of opposition. And it will be difficult for this woman to resolve the internal conflict that constantly reminds her that respect must be earned. She may never realize that respect is a natural right for her and that she does not need to constantly strive for it. Her greatest problem is achieving inner, emotional peace, and when she is repeatedly harmed. Also, she readily closes her heart and continues on with her life on a completely intellectual level.

How To Chose A Gift For Your Aquarius Woman

Buying her something you wouldn’t buy for any other woman should be simple. It’s crucial to realize that beneath her detached façade lurks a true lady who enjoys being surprised with something sweet and lovely. This isn’t to say that a dozen red roses or a candlelight supper will make her happy. And while she might be happy with something comparable, it’s advisable to go with something a little more unconventional. Look for technical items she could need in a purple or silver tone if you want to get her a gift she’ll utilize. As an anniversary surprise, choose a nice astrology reading or plan some pyrotechnics. If you rely on your ingenuity and your inner sensation of enthusiasm, you may find that giving her something she will treasure is quite simple.