The different branches of astrology and other interesting things

If you want to learn more about the zodiac by examining all of the many branches of astrology, don’t skip this article. Astrology has grown in popularity since ancient times. When people interpreted the position of the stars concerning agricultural necessities and told stories around the fireplace inspired by the cosmos. It has developed in many different directions over time to meet the varying needs of humanity. As an immensely strong tool for self-discovery and all types of forecasting.

Branches of astrology have served as anything from a king’s electoral tool to a beacon of hope for people in need. Its dark ages and degeneration turned out to have a positive impact on it as well. As it is today stronger than it has ever been, with a wide range of products and ways to meet every demand that arises.

Different Branches of Astrology
Different Branches of Astrology

What Are The Branches of Astrology?

Horoscopic astrology is, in essence, the activity of creating astrological charts that represent the apparent locations of a range of celestial bodies and points from the subject’s point of view at any particular time. The most common use of horoscopic astrology is to study people’s birth charts to interpret the character, psychological qualities, and, to some extent, destiny. Including organizations, nations, animals, and even objects (for example ships, cars, and airplanes).

According to branches of astrology, there are more than 80 branches of astrology, which includes numerous “schools” of practice and subsets of techniques within those schools. And these distinctions explain the variations between a few of the most widely utilized styles of astrology today.

Branches of Astrology

Natal Astrology

You’re probably most familiar with natal astrology. It is based on your natal chart, which depicts the positions of important celestial bodies at the time and location of the astrology chart. There are several websites where you may locate and calculate your birth chart.

When you look into natal astrology, you’re looking at the chart that everyone possesses, which serves as a template for their life. When we look at it, we ask ourselves, ‘What is the promise of the natal chart?’ ‘What is your life’s promise?’ We can see what your greatest skills and weaknesses are, as well as other information.

Natal’s horoscope is an excellent source of personal and psychological exploration. Everything just basically boils down that who someone is, whose mentality and characteristics. In addition to what the future may hold for them. You’ll primarily likely look towards your tropical zodiac in your birth horoscope. Although there are a variety of additional aspects in your natal chart. Which might leak information about your style and life direction.

While you may check your chart for information on your own, booking a session with an astrologer is the best way to gain an inside look at how your section of astrology is operating in your life.

Not only that, but natal astrology may provide a more in-depth explanation for all of one’s deepest hopes and anxieties. A natal birth chart will reveal one’s aspirations, dreams, and anxieties, as well as how they materialized in previous lifetimes.

Horary Astrology

Horary astrology dates back to the early days of the astrology chart. Powell also claims that horary astrology is a divination method, dating back to 10,000 to 30,000 B.C.

Horary zodiac is the technique to go because you’re seeking a response to a particular complaint. The astrological will organize data for the precise location and time of something like the inquiry (to the millisecond). The scientist might question you a straightforward question relying on what they see in the graph.

When there are blocks in the chart, it might be difficult to answer the question.  It’s a sort of section of astrology, according to Hale, is quite accurate. However, few astrologers now practice it, and it is not something you can learn on your own. Many individuals are self-taught in astrology, therefore I’m sure you could practice if you obtained horary books and read about it.

Electional Astrology in Branches of Astrology

The astrologer decides the optimal timing for whatever the event is based on what’s going on in the sky.

It is mostly used to narrow down opportune dates for events such as weddings or proposals. But it could be anything. When is the greatest time to go on a job interview? What is the greatest time to meet someone I met on It may be anything you wish.

In horoscopic astrology, electional astrologers may advise against getting married during Venus retrograde, for example. As with other forms of astrology, working with an astrologer who specializes in electional astrology is beneficial. There is easily so much that we can learn.

This chart is based on the time when the ascendant gives out a favorable feeling in agreement with the moon.

Mundane Astrology

Mundane astrology is the astrology chart is very fascinating right now. It forecasts global events and issues. This dates back hundreds of thousands of years since the beginning. Astrologers were more interested in the astrology of nations, kings, and queens rather than individual charts.

To do mundane astrology, you must also be somewhat of a historian. Because it’s all about observing cycles. You’re looking back to see if there are any trends. For example, did we observe any pandemics the last time Saturn and Pluto collided? Yes. It forecasts global events.

While each country has its birth chart, Powell emphasizes that it is mostly about cycles and patterns. You may also examine the branches of astrology of an event that occurred at a given time and location, such as George Floyd’s death. Astrologers would look at the precise time it occurred. And discuss where the planets were at the time that led to his death.

Local Space Astrology in branches of astrology

We shall employ the horizon coordinate system in Local Space Astrology, which is linked to the observer’s location. This implies that planetary positions are projected onto a sphere in a chart for Local Space Astrology. With the observer in the center and a surface that spans the distance, our eyes can see.

The section of astrology created in this manner differs slightly from the one we are used to seeing. A horoscope constructed in a horizon coordinate system will have its Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern points, which function similarly to angular house cusps. Instead of a house division on twelve independent pieces. These points are also equivalent to the beginnings of cardinal signs, and they have a significant influence on how we draw a certain environment into our life.

Medical Astrology

Evey astrology indication rules a particular body component, and specific stars affect various tissues.

When you look at someone’s astrological branches, you can tell what kind of medical difficulties they may have. For example, Leo governs the heart, Mercury indicates where the “activity” is in the body, and Mars governs energy levels. Mercury and Mars are in Leo in Powell’s birth chart, and she suffers tachycardia (or a really fast heart rate.)

While a therapeutic horoscope is intriguing, it is still necessary to seek counsel from specialists rather than the stars. This is possibly the most complicated type of astrology available. Medical astrology derived information about ailments from planets, signs, and house placements. However, it can also determine sensitivities or body sections prone to sickness.

Energy Astrology

In the night sky, seven heavenly bodies may be viewed with the naked eye (or by day if we speak of the Sun). Each type of astrology represents the flow of energy in one of our energy centers – chakras – in Energy Astrology. The first chakra, or root chakra, will be related to Mars. And we can figure out where the problem is in someone’s chart based on its location, dignity, and aspects.

Psychological Astrology

The most difficult problem this discipline poses is finding a balance between the two. This opens up enormous possibilities for working with customers and oneself.

Psychology might appear to be excessively severe or constrained by the expectations of the human race from the perspective of horoscopic astrology. And the exhilaration of fantastic circumstances and profound comprehension of the Universe that it provides. On the other hand, something as grounded and serious as Psychology frequently views Astrology as a hobby and diminishes its value.

Genuine enthusiasm for both is the key to a good connection between the two. And this isn’t hard to come by if you like searching for meaning in the depths of your mind.

Relationship Astrology in branches of astrology

Partnership horoscope is a subset of birth astrologers that emphasizes relationship harmony. Since it is the largest prevalent application, it is also not essential to be passionate.

Synastry is a type of astrology chart. It’s when you place one person’s birth chart on top of another and observe where the planets appear. You’ll notice problems, strengths, how they may or may not support one another, and other details about the connection. It’s an examination of your day-to-day interactions.

A composite chart is another option. It’s a planetary midpoint. So you take two people and identify the midway in between their planets and rising sign, and all of those midpoints create their astrological branches — much like your own relationship’s birth chart. This demonstrates how the world perceives your relationship.

Predictive Astrology

Because this part of the astrology chart has been examined from different viewpoints and used for ages, there are many prediction methodologies. Curiosity is a constant trigger for foretelling, and practically everyone wants to know what the future holds at some time in their lives.

When it comes to the future, it’s important to note that in certain cases, it’s possible to forecast the outcome without using any type of chart. Simple human logic may frequently give solutions to some of the questions we are asked. Still, if we want to become professional astrologers, it is our responsibility to utilize charts as direction for events and explicit explanations of probable outcomes, rather than relying on personal experience or guessing what will happen.

Financial Astrology

Financial astrology has diverse meanings in different regions of the world. Even though its goal is always to enhance a person’s or a group’s financial well-being. This section of astrology is used to determine the flow of the stock market and overall economic conditions in the United States. Whereas in countries with lower standards, it refers to consulting and advice on money-making and the economy of an individual, their company. Or simply provides a mundane view of the country’s financial situation.

Lower standards and diverse economic approaches in various nations throughout the world prevent the adoption of this stock market-related strategy. Even though the phrase will be mostly used for Financial Astrology, we must recognize that there are financial astrologers who just work with individuals, their professional paths, or their businesses.

Karmic Astrology

Houses are incredibly essential in Karmic Astrology in general. Their inherent order and position serve as a foundation for our knowledge of cause and consequence. Every action we do in one of the homes has a direct impact on the following life’s outcome, which is decided by the previous house.

This suggests that our current house of partnership and relationships is a direct result of our previous existence’s battle for life, sexuality, regeneration, and death. This guideline can be applied to each house of horoscopic astrology, and we shall see that it is through them that we can comprehend which activities lead us to where we are today, as well as generate future karma.

Fixed Stars Astrology

Beyond the astrological branches that resemble stars in the night sky, there is a sequence of planets that are invisible to the naked eye. The majority of Astrology disciplines concentrate on the Solar system’s initial line of celestial bodies. Fixed Stars Astrology extends well beyond these bounds, into other galaxies and massive stars that cast a light on us and have existed for millions of years. Fixed stars are stars that do not revolve around the Sun and appear to be rather motionless from our perspective.

Evolutional Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology is a notion that places our Soul first and helps us figure out what our lesson is for this life on planet Earth. As well as what we’ve previously gone through before we were here. This is one of the most mysterious areas of the astrology chart, simply because it is based on reincarnation and assumes that our Soul has a path to walk through many lives. However, there is another method that allows us to include this branch into our scientific philosophy, as it may be seen as a Soul journey through many layers of our subconscious and unconscious mind.

Other Types of Astrology

Uranian Astrology

This types of astrology use midpoints to identify planetary triggers required for one to take action in all aspects of their life.

To discover one’s midpoints, one must construct a midpoint tree using a midpoint calculator or complete the arithmetic themselves. Then, one would examine the points in the midway tree to determine whether any transits are activating them. This approach is very beneficial for relationship astrology. Since it may provide detailed data about how we connect with others or how we feel energetically around them.

Vedic Astrology in branches of astrology

Vedic astrology, often known as Hindu astrology, is a type of Indian astrology of branches of astrology that dates back thousands of years. In India, modern Vedic astrology is utilized to forecast the success of weddings, companies, and everyday life themes. This method of divination, like western astrology, contains twelve signs. However, unlike western astrology, which is based on the seasons, the Jyotia method is based on constellations.


Rectification is required for any personal detailed reading when the precise time of birth is unknown. The planetary placements of family members, spouses, and children are one of the most significant things to consider once we decide to straighten the horoscope. Close ties to others may help define the intricacies of some of our placements.

And we frequently discover that the Moon or the fourth house cusp is in exact conjunction or another important aspect with a planet or a cusp in the astrological branches of one’s mother or kid.

Love Astrology

In relationship astrology, a synastry chart is used to observe how planets link from chart to chart; with a significant other, crush, friend, coworker, or family member. When viewing a composite chart, keep in mind that you’re just seeing the ascendants and planets—no other houses. This is because you’re seeing how the two of you interact, rather than how you both connect with others.

The most common fallacy about types of astrology is that you don’t have to go outside your chart to figure out what’s going on in your love life. This implies that it is the energy we give out to others as well as what we attract into our life.

Lastly, There Are Several Branches of Astrology

There are several branches of astrology, whether you’re reading about disciplines of astrology or following the ancient techniques of Hindu astrology. So, above is a list of the most prominent forms of astrology, as well as an explanation of their approach. And you have all the skills you need to analyze and comprehend birth charts.

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