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Cancer and Cancer compatibility is off the charts! When these two join in a relationship, no matter what it is, they will find happiness and bliss together. These two individuals know each other and share the same interests way too well, they don’t even need to explain themselves.

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Cancer and Cancer: Dating & Love Compatibility

Emotional Connections In Love

Cuddly, shy and romantic, Cancer and Cancer love can make a great romantic story with drama and multiple plot twists. These two highly emotional signs empathize with each other so much, they can easily and quickly get comfortable with each other that they will eagerly meet each other’s parents for approval of their relationship. It’s not even a surprise if these two go on a getaway weekend soon after they meet and come back engaged and ready to start a family together.

cancer and cancer love compatibility

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Trust In Love

These two can easily find trust in each other. In a romantic relationship, there’s only one way for a Cancer man and Cancer woman love compatibility to prevail, they have to absolutely trust in one another. Luckily, that’s exactly what they intend to do anyway. Once they are aware of their feelings and see themselves with each other for years from now, This duo will develops an unrivaled level of trust.

Crab is known to be one the most emotional signs of the zodiac. In terms of love, this means that they give and seek emotional depth that can be overwhelming to most constellations. Which constellation do you think are not afraid to deal with such intense and complex emotions? Another Crab of course. they can get along perfectly and know the intimacy, honesty, loyalty, warmth, and love needed for each other’s romantic relationship. They often experience mood swings and their emotional state can sometimes be unstable. But their compassionate nature and commitment to relationships is sufficient enough for them to accomplish anything. The best way for two Crabs to experience and deal with each other’s feelings is to start living and sharing a home together. Both og them are very passionate about starting a family.

Shared Values

In a Cancer dating Cancer relationship, their similarities is reflected by the values they share. Both of them like adventuring but security and stability at the same time. This couple also shares the same amount of imagination, curiosity and sensitivity. They will also find themselves enjoying the same activities equally. But when the 2 Cancer dating each other, they will have to work hard to not get stuck in a rut.

Cancer & Cancer In Bed: Sexuality Compatibility

It’s almost impossible to get Cancer and Cancer sexually attracted to each other without establishing a deep emotional connection and getting to know their partner well enough. But for them, building emotional stability and expressing their feelings for one another is extremely easy, so they won’t have to wait long to get in bed and nurture each other’s sexual desires. They also tend to hide stuff deep beneath their surface to avoid being judged. So, as they start getting comfortable with each other, they will discover many of each other’s sexual weirdness. Once they overcome their fears of being judged and feel free to show their true selves, the sex life of Cancer and Cancer in bed will not only blow their minds, but also bring them closer together.

cancer and cancer sexuality compatibility

Together, their sex life and activity can suffer from a general lack of initiative, energy, and exercise. For this reason, they need to avoid the boring routines such as eating and watching TV as soon as they get home from work. It is important for them to have enough gentle surprises and activities in order to build a sexual relationship with each other. Otherwise, they may feel frustrated and unable to understand why. If they are worried about this potential flaw, as two affectionate individuals, they will find wonderful things about each other in bed,

Cancer And Cancer Marriage

Cancer and Cancer marriage will work like a charm. If they establishes a solid foundation with each other and they’re completely devoted to one another, their love can easily lead them to their marriage. Their intense feelings and devotion will help them go through all obstacles and succeed in the game of love. Cancer man and Cancer woman can become great parents and having children together may give them more purpose for life, they will see it as a new opportunity to give unconditional love and care to someone.

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Cancer And Cancer Friendship

Fun & Interests

When it come to Cancer and Cancer friendship, both side are heavily invested in being part of a community and love to be at the center of the action. They are always the one organizing a group to celebrate or surprise a friend with a party. Despite this, neither of them will be overly controlling over another. They also tend to be interested in history and the roots of things, and will enjoy researching the history of said things. Having them as traveling buddies will be terrific.

Cancer friends are always having a good time, especially when it comes to spending time with the people they love. They love to party and plan outings and vacations. In doing so, they are always more concerned with everyone having a good time than focusing on themselves. So it’s hard not to have a good time with a Crab, and two Crabs together will be a blast. Their biggest problem is that both will be so preoccupied with the other people’s pleasure that they will both neglect their own. Although Crab likes to do occasional things, Crab doesn’t need adrenaline and constant action to have fun. They are equally happy to share a cup of coffee and a pleasant conversation with an interesting person.

When their soulmates come together as genuine friends, they are like family
When their soulmates come together as genuine friends, they are like family


People who were born under this zodiac sign are incredibly loyal. When they become good friends with someone, they see them as their family. They are also incredibly sensitive and intuitive, they always know when the other needs help and will always lend them a hand. In a Cancer and Cancer friendship, They will always be on their friend’s side no matter what, even when they know their friend is being unreasonable. They know there’re things which are more important than being right.

Bond & Long lasting ability

When their soulmates come together as genuine friends, they are like family. It’s nearly impossible to break their bond. They can be a little sensitive and suspicious of other people at times. Whenever they’re hurt, it leaves deep scars they will never forget. When similar situations happen again, they immediately worry if similar outcomes will occur. But their partners are also generous and good at understanding people, so they are unlikely to damage each other’s feelings to the un-repairable point.

From time to time, Crabs can be superficially tolerant of their friendship. They love helping people and being at the center of the community, but they don’t always share their feelings. They also have fear of being hurt. However, Crabs are good at opening up and trusting others and works well with their partner. Thus, they tend to grow their very comfortable superficial attachments into genuine and deep emotional attachments. The two Crabs can quickly introduce themselves as a family. As a result, they are more vulnerable and open to each other than most other people .

Are Cancer and Cancer soulmates?

Considering how much these two have in common and how quickly their bond can be formed, There’re no surprise if they can develop their relationship into lovers. Relationship without fights are thought to lacks passion, but this doesn’t apply for Cancer and Cancer soulmates. Despite being very emotional individuals, they are good at discussing issues rationally and rarely suffer from misunderstandings. Because of that, their relationship is always fun and have more depth than people anticipated.

Considering what Cancer and Cancer have in common and how quickly they can bond with each other. It’s no surprise that they can also make a great couple as well. They will be the type of couple that both sides always know what the other needs. For this reason, they are rarely misunderstood one another. They are also good at discussing their issue calmly and rationally, even when they are being very emotional.

Both of them are intensely emotional, which means there’s no shortage of depth when it come to their connection. The relationship between Cancer and Cancer soulmates is always fun, the two are often surrounded by a community that loves them. They always throw the coolest parties and invite the renegades and vagabonds on a vacation. And no one will be ungrateful to theit invitation, as it is always a pleasure.

9+ Pros And Cons Of An Cancer And Cancer Relationships


The most positive aspect about Cancer and Cancer relationship is their understanding of each other, they know how to take good care of each other. They can also make very good friends together. On top of that, they can take the liberty to criticize each other’s faults which would not be tolerable coming from someone else. They are also talented individuals and share a great sense of humour between each other. As a matter of fact, a relationship between two Cancers is so compatible that it frequently makes many people jealous of them.

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The most negative aspects of a Crab and Crab relationship are their insecurities, it’s hard for them to get over no matter how much wealthy they become. It is common to see both of them crying on each other’s shoulders. They tend to be self-pity, regardless of their achievements or unexplored talent.

Cancer Man And Cancer Woman Famous Couples

Donna Dixon and Dan Aykroyd

Donna and Dan are both Crabs. They met when starring in Doctor Detroit and dating started dating for a year, the Cancer man and Cancer woman got engaged and got married in 1983. They give birth to three daughters together. Throughout 37 years, their marriage doesn’t have any scandals nor betrayals. Their marriage was long, happy, faithful and have stood the test of time.

Dagmara Dominczyk and Patrick Wilson

In 2005, They married and have two sons together. Besides their happy family life, the Cancer man and Cancer woman also successfully work together on the set as well. They usually attend social events together and are not shy to show love for each other in public

Richard Branson and Joan Templeman

Richard and Joan are both Crabs, they first met each other in 1976. The story began when Richard found out which store Joan works at, he then started to go there often and buy things he didn’t really need. After a while, they began to date and got married 11 years later. The Cancer man and Cancer woman has two children and lives a happy life together. Richard never regretted falling in love with his woman.

Sharon Maughan and Trevor Eve

The Cancer man and Cancer woman met each other in 1979 in Filumena and married the next year. They have three children together. They look like newlyweds even after 40 years and have a great life together. However, life is not always full of rainbows and butterflies. As Sharon herself said, they never hated their partner for 30 years. Things didn’t always go smoothly but they have overcome all their difficulties. She also states that they have never held an open marriage, which is now a trend.

Cancer x Cancer Summary

A  relationship between two Cancers will be wonderful. They are innovative and ingenious. Together they will make gentle, friendly, and patient parents for their children. If they have troubles with possible shortcomings in their relationship, these two will manage to hold each other up and continue to help each other to move forward.

The best thing about the relationship between the two Crabs is that their mutual understanding is so perfect that there is no need for them to communicate with words. They can just look at each other and understand what each other are thinking and wanting, especially when they are in an intimate relationship like marriage. To outsiders, it may seem strange that the Cancer x Cancer relationship is so quiet and non-verbal. These two can go on for days without actual verbal communication. To them, this is completey natural as they doesn’t need unnecessary words in their relationship anyway.

Dating & Love Compatibility
Sexuality Compatibility

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