Funny Pisces Quotes and Sayings

Pisces are inquisitive and inventive. They are eager to discover and express themselves. If you ask Pisces about the new film, they could come up with five better endings. The more you learn about Pisces, the more appealing they appear. The sign acts as a source of inspiration, leaving you asking, “What else can they offer?” Now let’s read the Pisces quotes below to discover more about this sign’s attraction and character.

General Pisces Quotes,

People born between February 19 and March 20 are born under the Pisces Star sign.

Pisces Personality Traits: Their personality, like that of all other signs, is complicated. These signs are recognized for their incredible creativity, sensitive nature, and generosity, yet they may also be extremely emotional, impressionable, and shut off.

And here is a collection of Pisces thoughts and sayings which may identify with you if you want to understand more about the Pisces sign and Pisces quotes and sayings:

  • As a Pisces you have a great deal of charm, humo and sympathy which enables you to open doors that others are not capable of.
  • Pisces think a lot. A whole lot.
  • You would be a fool to underestimate a Pisces becaussebecause they are often skilled at subconsciously reading signals from others.
  • As a Pisces once you’re done with someone, you don’t look back. You let your creative imagination lead the way.
  • It isn’t that a Pisce can’t see things clearly, they just don’t want to accept things as they reallyare.
  • Pisces season is officially here. Happy Birthday to all Pisces around the world!
funny pisces quotes
funny pisces quotes

There are several Pisces quotes sayings as well, such as:

  • Making plans with, Pisces is easy because they’re usually down for whatever.
  • Even if they could be feeling crappy a Pisces won’t let anger or sadness cloud their judgment.
  • As a Pisces sometimes you’re too tired to even give a shit so you just go with the flow and do your own thing.
  • Pisces are never shy about going after what they want.
  • Pisces don’t like it when you act fake just to impress them. Be real authentic around them please!
  • Pisces use a lot facial expressions.

A Pisces is well-liked, well-cultured, and contributes a distinct point of view to every conversation. Pisces enjoys people and groups, but may become fatigued by huge gatherings. Pisces prefers one-on-one meetings or intimate groups, especially if the talks become heated.

The Pisces quotes about Friendship

A Pisces might seem like a wonderful friend – until you realize how little you actually know about them. While Pisces are natural therapists, they can be secretive about who they are, never exposing their true self until they trust you – and they may never divulge who they actually are.

And the Pisces quotes images below will illustrate their friendship:

  • A Pisces is the type of friend that will drop everything just to help you out. You can always vent to them about anything.
  • A Pisces would rather leave and lose you as a friend than risk being drowned by your drama.
  • This Signs Weirdest Friend: Aquarius.
  • You’re too positive to be friends with negative people.
  • As Friendly as they can be a Pisces doesn’t let just anyone get super close.

We also have many great quotes about Pisces in friendship, such as:

  • Pisces would rather have one close friend, instead of one hundred acquaintances.
  • If you treat her right, a Pisces can be the best girlfriend you will ever have.
  • If you want someone that actually cares about what you have to say grab yourself a Pisces.
  • What to expect from this friend: To help you in the difficult phase of your life without ever expecting anything in return.
  • A Pisces is the type of friend that will drop everything just to help you out. You can always vent to them about anything.

Allow them to be who they are, while you remain who you are. Some friendships fall apart due to a conflict of viewpoint. That is not the case for Pisces, who want a social group with drastically varied viewpoints.

What they hate

A Pisces is too ethereal for intensive reasons in life. They despise imprisonment, regulations, and timetables. They all want to be acknowledged as being really creative. Pisces despises cheating, and when they are cheated to, they appear to be unaware, only to test how far people who attempt to lie to them would go.

What they dislike is demonstrated by the Pisces quotes images and Pisces quotes sayings provided:

  • Pisces can be the most faithful partner in your life… until you make them hate you.
  • To avoid irritating a Pisces don’t violently confront them about something stupid.
  • They’re irritated when: dealing with someone who always have to be right and have the last word.
  • A hurt, annoyed, or angry Pisces can and will shut anything, everything, and everyone out.
  • True: A Pisces can be really sarcastic but only when they feel like the other person is being annoying.
  • When annoyed a Pisces will usually try to stay calm for their own sake and say what needs to be said.


A nice Pisces would have a huge heart that is sensitive and kind. Pisceans have a giving and caring nature and like making others feel special. They genuinely want to spread kindness in the world and enjoy doing good for someone else. Trying to make others happy makes Pisces happy. Pisceans may go over and beyond those they care about.

pisces sayings quotes
pisces sayings quotes

So, let’s look at the Pisces quotes sayings below to better comprehend their kindness:

  • Pisces get taken advantage of due to their angelic nature and kind hearted soul.
  • The Pisces get taken advantage of, people mistake their kindness for weakness.
  • Pisces are like sour patch kids. They can be sour and mean but the next minute they can be sweet and kind.
  • As a Pisces not everyone deserves your kindness and they’ll quickly learn that you can be ruthless and heartless.
  • Pisces are the most good-hearted, considerate, kind, compassionate, empathetic, and loving sign. They think with their heart.

Pisceans are concerned about your well-being and will always respond to you. A Pisces has a natural capacity to listen and comprehend the intentions of people, as well as to make you feel better with words.

They understand how to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. They tell you of your excellent characteristics, put things in perspective, and convince you of your self-worth.

Pisces Quotes in Argument

Pisces are very caring and sympathetic, and if you argue with them, they will not hold it against you. They would like to avoid friction in their relationships. They will, however, participate in an argument if they witness someone being cruel or unkind, and will go to any length to stop it.

The quotes for Pisces below will help to explain their point of view:

  • During an argument Pisces has a mixture of frustration and disappointment that you are putting them through the same bullshit again and again.
  • It’s never easy for them to just turn their backs on someone no matter how badly the argument was.
  • Pisces personality tends to be kind, loving, and very tolerant. This arguably makes them the best lovers of the Zodiac.
  • What gets you down: When someone take your kindness for weakness and try to make a fool out of you.
  • Pisces often walk away when having an argument

Daydream sayings about Pisces

  • A Pisces enjoys a nice day on the beach just daydreaming being free from everyone else’s problems.
  • Pisces never know what they want because they live in a dream world.
  • How you know it’s real with this sign: They open you up to their dreams. Showing you who they really are without any façade.
  • Pisces tend to create their very own little world, and live in it. Forever dreamers.
  • This sign comes off as very dreamy and creative.
  • As a college student a Pisces is usually daydreaming instead of paying attention to the lecture or talking naps every chance they get.
  • A Pisces live in two worlds: the real world, and the mystical world where they interpret what they see into what they want.

And that is reflected their dreamers through Pisces quotes sayings above.

Pisces are the zodiac’s space cadets, typically characterized as creative dreamers, semi-psychic emotive, or sensitive crybabies. They enjoy living in the moment, but for many Pisces, this means losing sight of the pragmatic aspects that make life go smoothly, which they find completely mundane.

Pisces thrive on daydreaming and are always picturing gorgeous, borderline cinematic possibilities that they aren’t actively attempting to make a reality. The better you get to know a Pisces, the more you’ll see their intricate inner monologue of illogical delusion. Instead of refreshing their OKCupid profile or mustering the guts to chat to other single people, a Pisces will imagine their fantasy wedding.

Temperament through Pisces quotes

What are the features of a Pisces temperament? Their personality, like that of all other signs, is complicated. Pisces are recognized for their incredible creativity, sensitive nature, and generosity, yet they may also be highly emotional, impressionable, and closed off.

Some of the Pisces quotes and sayings were given below:

  • Their Temperament: Is adaptable and flexible. They’ll always find ways to work with you rather than against you.
  • How to get on their side: Don’t be loud or obnoxious.
  • Pisces can read your thoughts and they have been observing your energy, mood and body language ever sincce you walked through that door.
  • As A Teenager: Always seem to be In their own little world.
  • As a Kid: They had a huge imagination.
  • A Pisces moon makes the signs more perceptive and optimistic.
  • As a Pisces sometimes you pick up on things subconsciously without realizing it.
  • As a Pisces, stop being everything to everyone because you’ll lose yourself in the process of trying to save the world.

More Amazing Pisces Quotes

Morover, we have the following quotes about Pisces:

  • This sign win people over with their creativity and intuition.
  • You’re tired of hearing people talk about: How you’re always in your feelings. You can’t help it if people frustrate you.
  • The perfect holiday for Pisces means being at the beach or tropical island.
  • A Pisces is constantly between being “too nice” and feeling like they shouldn’t care at all.
  • Their worst enemy: Escapism
  • Pisces will do things for others without ever really expecting anything in return so when others do things for them, they can feel undeserving.
  • Something you don’t know about them: they’re more blunt and aggressive.
  • Pisces too often escapes from hard reality into an imaginary realm of fantasy books and games.
  • Pisces emotions run deep yet is very accessible to all of us; a deep heart but it’s worn on their sleeve.

Pisces Quotes: Funny Sayings

Pisces personalities range from sweet storytelling to downright irritating. They milk it as well, spending as much time as they need to keep your attention and make you laugh.

You can see the Pisces funny captions given demonstrate that below:

  • A Pisces may tease you every now and then, but just know it’s all fun and games.
  • Pisces are believed to have an off-beat sense of humor and will be impressed when others take the time to make them laugh.
  • You feel like you could be yourself the most around: Scorpio
  • Road To Happiness: Establishing your goals in life and doing what needs to be done so that you and your loved ones are happy.
  • Likable and pleasant a Pisces will often make other people feel comfortable and understood.

Several Pisces Man Captions

Men born under the sign of Pisces are incredibly creative. They express themselves via painting, writing, and dance to produce beautiful art. They like being among people, but they also value their solitude. Spending time alone allows people to examine their emotions. Art allows children to be vulnerable, which is ideal since their emotions need to be communicated.

pisces man quotes
pisces man quotes

I will show you some Pisces man quotes below to see more clear:

  • Pisces know how to please. It’s what they do best.
  • Pisces always gives more than they get.
  • If you’re feeling stressed a Pisces can feel it and they don’t need that kind of energy around them.
  • If you choose a Pisces you will be set up for a lifetime full of love and happiness.
  • Pisces give without expecting to receive.
  • When a Pisces tells you “I know how you feel”, they sincerely mean it.
  • You often lose your patience with: Libra
  • Pisces are great listeners and advice givers.

In addition, I’ll show you some great Pisces quotes boy right here:

  • Pisces knows exactly what they want today. What they want tomorrow is another story.
  • Pisces find it hard to sit still and wait for things to happen.
  • Pisces would rather trust their instincts than take the advice of others.
  • As a Pisces, in hard times you believe that everything will work out, even when the odds are against you.
  • Pisces like to take long rests alone to recharge.
  • Only way to keep a Pisces is by listening because thay really don’t ask for much when it comes to a relationship.

Pisces guys are kind. They are more concerned with others than with themselves. These gentlemen are prepared to forego their own pleasure in order to make someone else happy. T

hey seldom prioritize themselves or participate in self-care. They’re too preoccupied with the people around them to care about themselves. Pisces are often too charming for their own good.

Several Pisces Woman Captions

Women born in the sign of Pisces are highly emotional. When they’re in a terrible mood, it’s difficult for them to come out of it. They wallow in their grief for extended periods of time. Because they care so much, Pisces have a difficult time moving on from sadness and loss.

Though they forgive others quickly, if someone crosses an unforgivable boundary, they will harbor a lifetime grudge. Pisces are seldom in the current moment. They are either thinking about the past or wondering about the future.

You may view these items if you follow the Pisces quotes girl below:

  • A Pisces woman’s heart is much like a butterfly wing, delicate and beautiful but extremely breakable so take care of her.
  • Most likely to have the best shoe collection.
  • A Pisces may be quick to cry, but they can go ice cold just as fast if they sense you’re not worth their tears.
  • The cutesr thing about them: How they can listen to you vent for hours without ever making things awkward.
  • Pisces are really good at putting on a fake smile.
  • A Pisces would break things off if you’re just insensitive and can’t be there when they need you most.
  • A Pisces is turned off by someone who is apathetic.

Women born under the sign of Pisces are unusually closed-off. They enjoy taking care of others, but they never allow anybody take care of them. They find it difficult to accept support from those who care about them. Pisces dislikes discussing their troubles with the rest of the world.

This zodiac sign enjoys being with people, although they feel themselves to be self-sufficient. They don’t require anybody else’s help to survive. I’ve also added some subtitles for the Pisces quotes female below:

  • Pisces don’t like rules.
  • You often know more about people than you should. You’re the kind of person that people go to war for.
  • You let people know when they have crossed the line but you also don’t hold it against them in the long run.
  • Pisces are very emotional people.

Pisces Quotes: Love Sayings

How to Attract an Pisces

Pisces in love is the most emotional of all the signs. They are extremely perceptive and sensitive, and they need romantic love and a soulmate more than most. This may be quite lovely for a Pisces’ lover, since their profound love and sensitivity creates a highly spiritual link.

pisces love quotes
pisces love quotes

Because Pisces are so emotional and insightful, a relationship with a Pisces naturally makes their partner feel unique and appreciated. We may read this Pisces quotes love to view things clearly:

  • Pisces has the strongest gut feeling amongst the other signs.
  • When a Pisces is with you, nothing and no one else will matter. They will make you feel like you’re living in a fantasy.
  • “Best Enviroment for the Zodiac Signs” On or near water, especially the sea. The movie theater.
  • “How to Capture the Attention of the Zodiac Signs” Grab a big coffee, snuggle up on the cough and get into a deep conversation about spiritually or astrology and if you’ve got problems in your life, even better! Share all the detains as Pisces are very attracted to people who need help to solve their personal problems.
  • As a Pisces you love your solitude, but you also love spending time with the people you love and care about the most.
  • Pisces love when people ask them for advice because it shows them that you value what they have to say.
  • Pisces love children and wish for a happy happy family of their own.

Quotes About Heartbreakes

Even if you may be disappointed if a Pisces wants to break up with you, they might well be prepared to come to enjoying the single life.
Read the rest the Pisces quotes love underneath to learn the foundations that always come with a breakup with the Pisces zodiac sign.
Pisces’ multifaceted personality may make surviving with a breakup a surprise every time — you never know what you’ll get.
  • A Pisces woman’s heart is much like a butterfly wing, delicate and beautiful but extremely breakable so take care of her.
  • Deal Breaker: When their efforts bring no resilts. It’s like if you don’t care, then neither do they.
  • A Pisces would break things off if you’re just insensitive and can’t be there when they need you most.
  • As a Pisces you know better then most to let people into your heart when you open up, they’ll be the first to leave.
  • When dating them: Be creative and outspoken. Don’t leave them second guessing things.

More Pisces Love Quotes

Here are some selected Pisces quotes love:

  • “Which sign do you lack chemistry with” Leo
  • They will never fail at making you happy. Your happiness will always come first.
  • When a Pisces is in a relationship, they always give 100% and expect some of that reassurance back from their partner.
  • It means more to a Pisces then most signs when you simply text them to let them know you’re thinking of them.
  • You relish in the little moments like watching the sun rise/set or being with the people who matter the most.
  • How to make feel loved: Be sympathetic to how they feel and explore the depths of the world with them.
  • Pisces really are one tough cookie.
  • Pisces put everything they can into a relationship, even if it’s destined for failure.
  • Once you find that one person who fits your ideal of a perfect partner, you will stick by them for the rest of your life.

Pisces Quotes: Loyalty Sayings

It is difficult to get the allegiance of a Pisces, but once you have it, you may feel the luckiest. Pisces are incredibly faithful to the ones they love, whether in relationships or friendships; once a Pisces has chosen you, you will stay with them, and their commitment cannot be questioned.

However, it is rare to discover a Pisces being loyal to others, not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t want to expose their flaws.

To assist you understand more, the following Pisces loyalty quotes are offered:

  • A Pisces will give you constant and unconditional support so you’ll never have to question their loyalty.
  • Pisces will let people walk all over them until they feel run into the ground; then they will get up and walk away.
  • People tend to trust Pisces. They are good to trust.
  • Pisces had this kind of thought that “if you treat people nice will always come to you.”
  • It’s hard trying to lie to a Pisces because when they get a bad vibe about someone they act on that intuition.
  • No matter how difficult they can be at times, a Pisces is always worth it. They can be your most valuable teachers.
pisces loyalty quotes
pisces loyalty quotes

In addition, there are some more  Pisces loyalty sayings which are:

  • As a Pisces you say what you mean without being fake or making that other person feel like crap.
  • Pisces prefer to keep their true self under wraps.
  • Pisces always give people more chances than they deserve but once they are done with you, they cut all communication with you.
  • Be careful of how far you push Pisces because you may end up getting a side of them you don’t want to see.
  • They left because: You took advantage of their kindness and they saw another side of you that they could not handle.
  • If you treat your Pisces like a special person, they will turn into that special person you always dreamed of.


If you’re not Pisces’ closest friend, there seems to be a low chance they’ll perceive you as a future love partner if you’re getting to know them, or as anything more than an angry ex if you’ve broken up. Nevertheless, the following Pisces quotes are fascinating.

It might assist you in learning more about Pisces and attracting the other person. As a consequence, the remarks have brought attention to the amazing characteristics of the Pisces zodiac sign.

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