PISCES ZODIAC SIGN - Pisces Horoscope

Pisces (February 19 to March 20) is the zodiac’s 12th and final sign. The symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions represents this sign. This water sign, also known as Meena in Vedic astrology, is all about culmination and deals with the realm of dreams and mystical experiences. This post will go over some of the basic Pisces sign personality qualities in life and love.

Symbol: Fish (♓︎)

Element: Water

Color: Mauve, Lilac, Purple, Violet, Sea green

Quality: Mutable

Day: Thursday

Ruler: Neptune, Jupiter

Greatest Compatibility: Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo,

Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24

Icon / emoji:

Pisces Zodiac Icon

Pisces Sign Traits

Enthusiasm and Cynicism

When it comes to Pices sign traits, a Pisces can be a strange blend of childlike zeal and elderly people’s pessimism. Even the simplest things can cause them to become enthralled and full with delight and laughter. They are cynics, though, since they are overly trusting and have been taken advantage of numerous times.

Ecstasy and Agony

Pisces are insatiable dreamers who spend their lives in a state of ecstasy and misery. They’re always hoping and eager to start their lives over, no matter how many times they’ve been hurt, disappointed. Or they had experiences or individuals fall well short of their expectations.

Open to All Earthy Experiences

Pisces are fearless and open to all earthly experiences in their hunt for bliss. Pisces, on the other hand, never quite feels “at home” on this planet. They exist in the space between heaven and earth. Their real lives are lived in their imagined dream world, where they feel most at ease.

Pisceans Are Chameleons

Pisceans are capable of switching allegiances, twisting stories, and changing their minds on a dime. They’re chameleons with flimsy or non-existent borders who can take on a variety of identities. It’s tough to really characterize a Piscean because of this ability.

Irresponsible and Street Savvy

Pisceans can be reckless at times. Some may even consider them irresponsible. Because they are motivated by money and achievement, albeit infrequently. They are perceptive and streetwise folks who frequently succeed.

Reality and Fantasy

Reality is fantasy for a Piscean, and fantasy is reality for a Piscean. It can be difficult for Pisceans to tell the difference between what they see and hear and what they desire to see and hear. A Piscean lives in a fantasy world and often refuses to view the bad aspects of people and life objectively.

Spiritual and Psychic

Pisceans are deeply spiritual. Yet this does not always imply that they follow organized religion. Because Pisceans have few limitations, it’s more likely that they just “experience” a deep spiritual connection and awareness of Divine Oneness on a psychic level.

Generous and Giving

Pisceans have a generous nature and would gladly give you their clothes off their backs. While Pisces’ greatest asset is their generosity, they may also be self-sacrificing martyrs.

Emotional, Intuitive, Imaginative, and Creative

Pisceans have the ability to tune into other realms, other creatures, universes, and versions of oneself by actively directing their imaginations. They have exceptional abilities in the arts and in using their imagination. Pisces’ biggest strengths and limitations are imagination, intuition, and passion, not rationality.


Pisceans can retreat from social interaction and become reclusive in order to protect themselves. Furthermore, their desire to flee when things get tough makes effective communication impossible. A Piscean who hasn’t spent time honing their communication abilities may be perceived as anti-social and misunderstood for the rest of their lives.

Rescuer or Victim

People under this sign frequently form relationships with people who have an addiction. For example, it could be alcohol, drugs, or gambling which “rescue” them when they have reached rock bottom. A Piscean, on the other hand, can be on the other end of the spectrum and become a victim. Pisces are prone to codependent relationships due to their proclivity for playing the rescuer-victim game.

Pisces Sign Likes

  • Anything to do with water: Swimming, sailing, fishing, surfing, and even just wandering on the beach make them happy. Bliss.
  • Dancing: Dance is ruled by Neptune! Physically, Pisceans have slinky bodies that seem to slink and glide along. Hypnotic.
  • Being witchy: They may be the one giving you tarot readings, wafting sage over your bed, and advising on crystals, or they could be the one giving you tarot readings, wafting sage over your bed, and advising on crystals.
  • Writing: Attracted to self-expression that they can control (rather than having to manage the tumultuous waters of conversation!) Pisceans are poetic and lyrical, and they have a lot of observations and insights to give.
  • Partying: Rihanna is a Pisces, after all, so you get the picture.

Pisces Sign Dislikes

The fish enjoys being concerned about everything. They enjoy imagining the worst-case situation in their heads before it occurs, and then worrying uncontrollably about it. They get themselves into a lot of difficulty because of their imagination.

This is the absolute worst thing you can say to a Pisces, especially if it’s a rising Pisces. Pisces despises being in charge of anything. However, if you gently ask them to guide you, they will gladly assist you. Pisces can be flaky to the point of annoyance, but they don’t plan to be that way; they’ll keep stalling until it’s really necessary.

Your Pisces is, on the other hand, emotionally disconnected and a cynic. Among all the zodiac signs, Pisceans are known for throwing the greatest pity party. They despise being held responsible for anything. On the contrary, they blame themselves for every misfortune that occurs in the world.

The Pisces emblem depicts two opposing fish, symbolizing their personality’s duality. It’s not that they don’t enjoy telling stories, but it’s rare to find a Pisces who will relate it exactly as it happened the first time. Aggression is rarely effective with them. Your Pisces will open up to you if you make gentle recommendations.

Pisces despise being pushed, threatened, or given ultimatums. Your Pisces will withdraw when an Aries would rise to the challenge – perhaps even become aroused at the thought of a clash. Pisces has a sensitive nature and requires a great deal of rest. The strange issue is that Pisces fills their free time with more things to do, so the never-ending ‘TO DO’ list throws their timing and inner clock off.

Pisces Sign Love And Sex

Pisces is the sign of hopeless loves, as it exalts Venus and serves affection, devotion, pleasure. And all that is lovely and tender. They are increasingly loving and generous with their partners. But in the pursuit for romance of Pisces sign love, they can lose sight of their moral principles. They need to experience a true relationship with their spouses so as to open up and discover that inner sense of absolute faith in an ideal love that keeps them from contemplating change.

This zodiac sign isn’t known for short-term relationships or escapades. But they do have a changeable quality to them that allows them to be rather careless when it comes to picking a new daily fling. They need to experience a true relationship with their spouses in terms of Pisces sign compatibility. This is to open up and discover that inner sense of absolute faith in an ideal love that keeps them from contemplating alteration.

Pisces thrives in very sensitive, sensual, and romantic erotic situations. They are anxious to be of service to a spouse and desire lovemaking that brings two souls together rather than just two bodies together. Pisces sign sex must be an investigation of the human spirit. And they see it as a journey rather than a rush to the finish line. They see lovemaking as an art form, one that gives their lives greater significance. Because they are able to become lost in their emotions while doing it. They can be impulsive with someone they trust. But it takes them a long time to open up to partners. This is why they frequently regard sex as a type of energy that should only be given to those who have earned it.

Pisces Sign Friends And Family

Friends: Gentle, kind, and always willing to listen, a Pisces might be the perfect friend for those who are willing to wait. These people will get lost, change plans, and be late. Yet the compassion and love that surrounds them is frequently enough to keep them close in a Pisces sign friendship. They have a tendency to prioritize the desires of other people before their own, which is actually harmful to everyone. This is the reason why they need to be surrounded by people who respect their boundaries, no matter how hazy they are, and who can help them conserve valuable energy.

Family: Pisces is a deeply perceptive sign that may sense when something is amiss even before something unpleasant occurs. This could be an issue in Pisces sign family‘s primary connection. Because the cloud in which these individuals grow up dictates their emotional states, regardless of how hard their parents attempt to make their relationship functioning and their child pleasant. Pisces spouses must convince themselves that it is inner peace, not perfection, that they seek while beginning their own family and a new way of life with a loved one.

Pisces Sign Career And Money

When it comes to Pisces sign career, they are intuitive and dreamy individuals. Also, they enjoy the environments where their innovative abilities may shine, such as working for a higher cause through imaginative charity events. Pisces-friendly professions are sympathetic and filled with trust and dedication. As a result, priests, doctors, veterinarians, singers, painters, and any other profession that requires working in the shadows are ideal. They might have a large amount of fun playing different parts and hiding their genuine identities while undercover and hidden.

Pisces are generally unconcerned about money. They are typically more focused on their dreams and goals, and will only work to earn enough money to realize them. Each Pisces representative spends as much time as is necessary to fulfill their dreams and the sense of purpose they were raised with.

Pisces Sign Man

Pisces Sign Man In Love

This man will believe he has found the love of his life every time he falls in love. With a certain degree of relativity, this might be said about each of his loves. Every relationship in a Pisces sign man‘s life is unlike the one before it. And each one teaches him something new about love. His impulsive, changing temperament will propel him to new heights and allow him to live out a romance until there is nothing left to be happy about. He will love completely, never hold back, and will approach his loved one with care and respect. Unfortunately, you never know how much time will pass before he recognizes that he is looking for someone who is more compatible with his personality.

Can You Trust Your Pisces Man

Pisces is the sign of everything shady, dishonest actions, adultery, deceit, and misunderstandings. On the other hand, people under this sign might be interpreted as a show of complete confidence and faith. One of the most difficult tasks for a Pisces guy is to remain calm in an uncomfortable scenario without pretending to be someone he is not. His forthright and proactive approach to truth might be difficult for his partner, especially if he is dating a Fire sign. In general, he will avoid being dishonest about vital matters. And when he is in a truly intimate relationship, he will have no cause to fear his partner and will find it easy to be honest.

Understanding Pisces Man

A Pisces man is a loner, no matter how outgoing he appears to be. He needs to spend some time reflecting on his thoughts and experiences. And if he doesn’t, he will go insane. He’ll be ready for any trip. But he’ll also want to spend some time at home, doing something creative that reminds him of his identity. Men under Pisces have strong desire to express himself creatively. Every Pisces man is a man on a mission. And he must understand that he will leave something behind when he leaves. He has numerous expectations for himself. Also, he often fails to meet any of them, getting distracted by unimportant things to avoid dealing with his own inner disappointment.

How To Choose A Gift For Your Pisces Man

A Pisces man enjoys being the center of attention when he receives a present. He wants to be loved and treasured. And you may give him that feeling by making something that expresses your feelings. He doesn’t want a book or a technological device that he won’t be able to utilize for his birthday. He wants something more intimate, something he can feel without having to think about it. For his senses to awaken, you may always go with soft materials, items he can touch and smell. For as long as he is given attention and feels valued, this is a man who will love a sketch as much as a soft piece of clothing or a pair of socks.

Pisces Sign Woman

Pisces Sign Woman In Love

When a Pisces lady falls in love, she will resemble exalted Venus in Pisces, who is ecstatic, inspired, and entranced. Her focus will be solely on the object of her desire. And she will savor every second of the surge of emotions that pour through her veins. This Pisces sign woman begins to act like a small child as soon as she senses love, certain that this person is The One. When she is in love, her humor and attractiveness come effortlessly. And she will draw enormous strength from her sentiments as if the world has finally made sense. Emotions will recharge her batteries no matter how long the connection lasts, while reasonable events in life will drain her energy.

Can You Trust Your Pisces Woman

She finds it difficult to tell the truth at times. The unpredictability of some people’s reactions can be quite upsetting to her. And her introverted, frail character makes her fear that she won’t be able to protect herself from someone’s wrath or despair. As a result, she will frequently feel compelled to be dishonest, particularly if she has already been burnt by hostile outbursts. The major issue is that she has no faith in anyone and so cannot be trusted. She has to feel supported to say or do anything as if it were the most normal thing in the world to gain her trust and help her open up. She requires someone who will not pass judgment on her, yell at her, or react emotionally to what she has to say. If she cannot find such a spouse, she will have to develop an inner sense of security and be unafraid to expect anything from others.

Understanding Pisces Woman

The idea that she doesn’t belong anywhere is the most serious issue this woman is dealing with. The image of the father is usually always off because of the Sun’s location in this sign. Either he wasn’t in her life, or he’s overly idealized. And she’s having trouble finding a partner who can help her reach this picture of an all-powerful male. She can get lost in any circumstance. And the only way she can compensate for her differences is to stick to her objective, whatever it is. Her partner must never stand in her way on this journey, otherwise, their relationship will end.

How To Choose A Gift For Your Pisces Woman

Try to be as inventive as possible. Write her a poem, sing her a song, learn to play the flute, and sing her favorite melody as a surprise. Draw an image of the two of you at a location she wants to visit. Make a collage of your photos and frame it for her to place on the wall. She will appreciate a lovely perfume, but keep in mind her sensitivity to scent when selecting one. Every gift you give a Pisces woman should be unique and romantic. And you should always spend time considering what she could like the most. It’s not that difficult to find something she’ll enjoy. Simply make it colorful or fantastic, and invest some of your energy in it.