Planets in Astrology and explore what they are representative for!

Zodiac signal is getting more and more attention from everyone. However, this is just a very small part of astrology. The world of astrology is very broad, meaningful and beautiful. It is colorful and interesting enough for you to do reasearch and have an authentic understanding about this. With a better grasp about the explaination of movement of planets in astrology, you can understand well about your Sun and Moon signal. How Venus have an influence on your love life and the impact of Mercury. Let’s read further ‘Planets in Astrology’ to have more knowledge about!

I know you are confident with the available knowledge about planet that you used to learn when you are in your primary school. But trust me! Be patient with what I am going to blow your mind. In astrology, each planet is representative for a regard in our life with an unique characteristics, and take control over a part of life. Each planet has their own support to your life. We all have ten planets in our astrological diagram. Therefore, have in-depth knowledge about relationship between planets in astrology is the key to have a smooth work and life.

Sun – Planets used in astrology and their significance

Sun is the central of Universe and get the most attention from other planet. This planet is representative for the central of our mind and spirit. This is  the light can bring the hope and point the journey to goals for us to go along with the guideline. This is the reason why Sun is a planet we can not survive without the presence of it. We are unable to live up to with our mission and vission if we can not respond an answer to the question ‘ Who we are’ and ‘why we are here?’. So, Sun can be accompanied with you to find out the answer for the reason that this planet is our ego, and our motive for what we are going to do.

With an insight into the importance of instruction from Sun planets astrology characteristics, you can clarify ‘who your are’, ‘what is the mission with your presence on earth’. Based on that, you are going to have a better orientation and enthusiasm for life.

This is such a planet of yourself, awareness and creativity. A deep realization about this planet is the very first and the most fundamental way to be fully aware your honest and raw edition. Leo is naturally ruled by Sun. It is very easy for us to catch up a Leo who can know what exactly they want to reach, become and pursue. As a result, they frequently have a passionate and fulfilling life. At the end, Leo can gain a position in their deserving field.

Moon – meaning of planets in astrology chart

Moon is graceful and caring. This is best described as a warm and loving mom who is very sensitive and pathetic. Moon reflects the emotional side in the underlying side of us, which is what we are actually feel but can not show or say out loud. The Moon planet also can be representative for orientation to be a mom of us. What’s more? Nostalgic is also a signature characteristic of the Moon. Each of moment in the past has an influence on the mind and thoughts for the Moon. We love and appreciate that. There is one weakness for this planet. It is they are have too much tendency to be hurtful but they hardly to show out. Only when they are beside and surrounded the beloved one, when they feel enough safety, they will open their heart.

Cancer is the zodiac signal which is ruled naturally by Moon planets astrology colors. People from Moon is kind-hearted, love the warmth between human and human, and respect the memorable moment.

Mercury – planets in astrology and their meanings

The Mercury planet is a master of communication for the reason that they know how to utilise their intelligence and humor into the talk. Based on that, others is going to be engaged in the talk intuitively. Their talk is not only a sharing about the event on their day, but also an inspirational and motivational talk. Magically, the communication of Mercury always functions as a battery charger that make people feel better, released and detoxified after then.

Gemini and Virgo are two zodiac signal ruled by this planets astrology dominant. I think you all can prove that assumption in your own life. They were born with the mission to inspire and motivate others throughout their words


Venus – the planets for astrology of love and attractiveness. Allowing themselves to immerse in the beauty of love is what Venus pursue and strive to do. Venus is attracted and touched by the true beauty of the world. Therefore, frequently, this planet will let everything aside, forget all the pressure they have to deal with, in order to take series of exploration journey. Moreover, the Venus also has a bond relationship with materialists. They want to live a luxurious and glamourous life. It means they also need money to spent on their gorgeous pursuits. A Valentine with a fine dining date, with chocolate, red wine, red roses and bubble bath is the best description of life for this Venus planet.

Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus in a natural way. They are boy and lady killer with their freedom to enjoy their passion love. The romance is attached in their vein of blood, which is considered as their secret weapon to steal heart of a plethora of other satellites. Libra and Taurus are sweet and romantic candies that Universe give to human as gifts.

Mars – planets astrology dominant

Mars – the planet representative for the fire on us, desire to prove that who we are and why we are present on earth. The source of energy from Mars is huge, which is great for us to live an enthusiastic and well-oriented life. However, sometimes, the fierce in them is too big to be taken control over. what is Mars planet need to be noted to avoid any regret for future. This fire is not only for career, but also the love, especially sexual. Mars live up to with their name, strive to pursue their passionate sexual love life. Mars will operate along with their intuition and origin, which is good for a happy life but need to be well controlled to minimize any negative influence on others.

Aries is the zodiac signal who obey with every of Mars. This sign have an authentic understanding about what they want, what they are good at, what they strive to be and what is their mission. The deep understanding about the answer for those question helps them always do best and become the winner in their field. But with their huge source of energy, Aries may can suffocate other and make other uncomfortable. This is the only thing Aries need to be noted and improved.

Jupiter – planets education astrology

Jupiter is famous for the huge source of positivity, fortune and happiness. In the hustle and bustle life, while everyone fight and thrive for a safe position in their career. A Jupiter still take their time, enjoy the life, and do not have any demand to be better than anyone. The only person they regard as a competitor is themselves. This mindset will help them better and better without any pressure or unhealthy comparision. The life of Jupiter is a series of new thing exploration thoughout the journey, books and education. The feature of this planet helps us to update ourself, broaden our mind, and learn more new knowledge.

Sagittarius is the sign of zodiac who live with the way how the Jupiter operates. It is hardly for us to catch up with a Sagittarius being jealous with others. All they focus on is the endless exploration journey to lean new thing, acquire new lessons, and listen other sharing to open their mind. This is the reason why this signal is loved by others. Being beside Sagittarius, we will forget all the fightings, and hectic beat of modern life, we can be calm and be better ‘yesterday version’ of us.

Saturn – planets in astrology symbols

If Moon planet is known as a caring and warm mom who is willing to cocoon and pamper us, Saturn will be a serious and very strict dad who will educate us to be a mature person. Seriousity, well disciplined, and tradition are three words can be perfect description about Moon planet. Now you seem to be beware with this planet right? It is easy to understand. Human have a tendency to keen on softness and kindness. However, the discipline and responsibility will educate you to overcome the challenges and difficulties in life.

This is all about the unsmoothed and harshness you are going to see in their life. And whether you come across or not, which is dependent on how you consider the difficult tasks. If you think that these happen under the organisation and planned of Universe for you to be a better person. You are going to accept and find ways to overgo. However, if you just think ‘why me’ and complain about that, you will find the life is too hard without any ways to exit.

The zodiac signal who follow this planet is Capricorn. People who from this signal is very well oriented, disciplined. They are willing to work restlessly, pay all of their devotion and dedication to their work and life to reach their goals. When dealing with the ups and downs, Capricorn normalize the difficulties and consider them as teacher who will educate them to be a better version. As a result, with that mind set, they will calm dowwn when being challenged, and work hard to find the solution.


‘Break the rule’ is the slogan of this planet in astrology. Uranus does not have any tendency to accept the standard, or available belief. They just do what they believe and believe to be logic. This planet is the factor who dare to transform the social expectation, tradition and renew the old belief. The new breath of innovative from Uranus is what we expect in a modern life. In normal life, frequently, we have to deal with surprise and shock throughout surprising innovative ideas from them.

Aquarius is the only one signal who follow this planet. The signal are trend setter who always bring a long a new vibrant to the suffocating world.


Neptune planets and astrology is known as a dreamer in their own mysterious and simple life. This is representative for the magic and spiritual intuition. Because this complex color in the mind of Neptune, this planet frequently is far from the practical life. This is a good thing especially when we are too tired with the harshness with life, and we need to spend some time in distance to reset all the mind and body. However, this is also a not good thing when we need a practical solution. To sum up, this planet help you have an authentic understanding about the strength of spirituality.

Pisces is the signal who follows Neptune in a natural way. This is the reason for their dreamy, complicated and sensitive factors.

Pluto – evil planets in astrology

Pluto – the planet of transformation, which is representative for a plethora of important moments such as day to dark, rebirth, ending to begining. The Pluto planet can offer you various big chance for you to renew, have a new beginning and spirit enhancement. However, on the other hand, this planet also leads to the obssession, domination, power fighting, suffocating control, war and dead. This is how Pluto dominating the world. The influence of this planet is not only scale of personal, but a group or organisation.

This is also how Scorpio rule this world.

Summary – bad planets in astrology

I have offered for you the ten planets in astrology and further explaination. Now you have an authentic understanding about each planet, how it works, what term it takes control over, how it support our life, the trength and weaknesses of each planet on earth. Based on that grasp, you can have an in-depth insight into the motive for any behavior of others and have our own suitable actions for the cases.

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