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When two Scorpions meet, they unleash Pandora’s box of passion and hazardous liaisons. They’re the kind of duo who seem to have been plucked from another universe – attractive, brilliant, and armed with razor-sharp wit – who murder people who resist them and lavishly reward those who remain loyal. Scorpio and Scorpio are natural leaders with the ability to govern businesses and rule countries. The only question is whether they will utilize their power for good or for evil. Codependency and self-absorption can sometimes result in the destruction of everything they care about, even each other.

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Scorpio and Scorpio: Dating & Love Compatibility

Emotional Connections In Love

This is a Water sign that depicts the suppressed feelings that we don’t want to face. This causes members of this sign to focus on dark emotional difficulties, which they will both recognize in each other. Scorpio’s issue lies in its conflict with the Moon, as well as the fact that emotions are frowned upon in this sign. This can make them both intolerant of weakness, harsh in their treatment of one another, and overly judgemental of one another’s emotional needs, despite the fact that they both have the same needs.

Because of their individual roles in other people’s life, 2 Scorpio dating will both be confronted with feelings they don’t want to cope with. This could lead to several disputes. But it could also serve as the foundation for each partner’s amazing personal growth and an opportunity to be with someone who truly knows their hearts. Even if they are curiously similar, the best way for them to approach their connection is through the deepest emotional compassion and tolerance for great differences in character.

scorpio and scorpio love compatibility

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Trust In Love

What an odd connection between two possessive, want-to-know-everything, freedom-seeking lovers. While every Scorpion wants to engage in their partner’s life, no Scorpion wants to be controlled or allow others to be involved in their own. None of Scorpio dating Scorpio will comprehend their partner’s trust issues. And this will boost their egos, knowing that there is no reason for them to continue sharing anything with the other Scorpio. The issue here is that neither of them appears to know what they want from their Scorpio and Scorpio love relationship. And this can quickly escalate into a power struggle. Even so, they will frequently perceive one other as sincere and honest. This will put their insecurities aside and make them trust each other without saying anything.

Shared Values

When it comes to Scorpio man and Scorpio woman love compatibility and vice versa, the issue with the things they value is the shared perception of value. They will respect rationality and emotional maturity. But none of them can consistently supply those qualities. They are Water elemental beings who are profoundly sensitive while appreciating each other’s lack of emotion at the start of their partnership. They have similar values. Yet, their decisions aren’t always sensible or realistic. As a result, they are prone to assessing their own reflection in others.

Scorpio & Scorpio In Bed: Sexuality Compatibility

When it comes to sex, two lovers under this sign can be both a dream come true and each other’s worst nightmare. Individually, their sexual energy and inner tension can be difficult to manage. But when they are together, it either increases to infinity or they discover ultimate understanding. We can usually foresee the first option. Scorpios, generally, require somebody to balance them. Since they are prone to extremes of all kinds. And when they are together, they seldom have the patience or tenderness to balance things, let alone one another.

scorpio and scorpio sexuality compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio in bed life is passionate, and frequently amazing, despite the fact that everything around them appears to be crumbling apart. They’ll try to make up, manipulate each other to make each other upset, and act in spite of each other. When it comes to spicing up one’s sex life, it’s important to remember that these two are spices in and of themselves, and they’re rarely boring. To make a sexual partnership work, it is a must that Scorpio and Scorpio sexually maintain that inner softness and emotional closeness when they are together. Or they may be forced to shut down things as if driven apart by nuclear power. Slow down, take a deep breath, and spend time cuddling in each other’s arms.

Scorpio And Scorpio Marriage

This duo are strangely married creatures. It’s the ceremony and the handing over of souls for forever that they’re attracted to. As usual, over the top passion! Given their high expectations and attention to detail, the proposal is passionate and precisely planned. And the wedding takes a long time to plan.

When it all comes together, expect a candlelit winter wedding with toasting goblets. This combination tends to keep to themselves as a married couple. They have a home that is nicely decorated with carefully picked works of art.

scorpio and scorpio marriage

Children are definitely on the table in Scorpio and Scorpio marriage. And they are wonderful for this pair. Because they bring some light into the household dynamics and may help to improve Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility and to eradicate some of their parents’ riskier behaviors — even the pet carpet snake may be adopted out. In a Scorpio household, children are treasured and treated as little adults; there is no such thing as baby babble.

Scorpio And Scorpio Friendship

Fun & Interests

Two individuals under this sign have the same concept of how to have a good time. They appreciate anything that is tough and novel, as well as opportunities to perform in front of an audience. Scorpios are known for being excellent actors. They are  unstoppable when there is a secret to tackle.

These people enjoy being in the thick of things, looking at people and later chatting about what happened. It’s something that these two people enjoy doing together. Thus, they enjoy going out as a couple and catching up on what happened the day before.

Scorpio appreciates the excitement of taking a few risks. But they have always analyzed how things are likely to turn out. As a results, they are aware of how much they are risking. They’d appreciate having another Scorpio at their side to double-check their work.

Both two people in this pair share a passion for the same things. They also enjoy mysteries and issues to solve. And they can’t stop themselves from digging into secrets and attempting to figure out what’s going on. Scorpios feel themselves to be comedians and relish the ability to reinvent themselves. However, while these shared interests might make these two a powerful team, they can also cause them to clash. Both are quite commanding and prefer to have their way with things. If they are fighting for control in any way, they will almost likely rub up against each other.

Both two people in this pair share a passion for the same things
Both two people in this pair share a passion for the same things.


You can always trust a Scorpio since they are meticulously honest. They mean exactly what they say. This zodiac sign , on the other hand, isn’t always so trustworthy. They’ve been let down far too often. This is because others aren’t as careful with their words as they are. Hence, they are the sort of people that are always suspicious and “on alert.”

While both of them can undoubtedly trust one other, there is often a sense of skepticism between them. One Scorpion will eventually learn that another is as trustworthy as they are. But this will not happen immediately.

Bond & Long-lasting ability

If these individuals can put their power struggles aside and become friends, they will most certainly form a strong friendship. They enjoy discussing the same topics, namely other people and their secrets, although the discourse may quickly expand to include themselves.

They prefer to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. Meanwhile, they will feel more at ease with one another than with other individuals. As a result, Scorpio and Scorpio friendship may be one of the most precious assets they own.

Scorpios are loners by nature, and sometimes by need. They don’t trust easily. Therefore there is a part of them that is always kept to themselves.

Relationships can be harmed by this lack of track since it can lead to intense arguments or just a loss in trust. This zodiac sign  is also unforgiving. And once they’ve crossed paths, there’s no turning back.

Despite the fact that they both have this personality feature, these people’s friendship may continue longer than most. They are both absolutely honest. Thus, they don’t discover themselves in conflict with one another. While heated words may be exchanged, both prefer to tell it how it is rather than avoid it.

Are Scorpio and Scorpio soulmates?

Because of the way these two people can bond, it is not rare for them to fall in love. If they are on the same page about what they want out of life, a romantic connection has a good chance of succeeding.

People under this sign are quite commanding. And they don’t like to make concessions for others. While they may be able to make minor adjustments for somebody they care about, getting them to change their fundamental beliefs is nearly impossible.

If the Scorpio and Scorpio soulmates do find each other compatible, their partnership has the potential to blossom into something spectacular. They will be able to share every aspect of themselves in a way that only a few others will be able to do.

To the untrained eye, a Scorpion marriage may appear to have a lot of squabbles. However, this is simply them saying it like it is. They don’t mind because they like the banter.

Also, while Scorpios appear tough on the surface, they are deeply sensitive on the inside, thus their connection has plenty of depth.

9+ Pros And Cons Of An Scorpio And Scorpio Relationships


The benefits of a Scorpio and Scorpio relationship are that, aside from the emotions, both of their minds will bring a lot of stimulation when they connect, especially intellectually. The topics they discuss, on the other hand, might be gloomy, not because they enjoy it. But because they understand one another in ways that other people avoid. This has the positive effect of reassuring people that they are not alone, which can have a therapeutic effect.

pros and cons 2 zodiac signs


The negative sides of this relationship are that they are both incredibly possessive, wanting to know everything about the other. And they also strive for independence at the same time. They despise being dominated, even by their partner, despite their want to be involved in each other’s lives. Because both of them strive to control the other, this partnership is frequently beset by dominance issues. Furthermore, certain issues can occasionally lead to relationship-damaging mistrust. They can make their connection survive the distance if they can work out a couple of issues.

Scorpio Man And Scorpio Woman Famous Couples

Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner

The Scorpio man and Scorpio woman pair met on a blind date in 1990. Bruce was immediately taken with her and the two began to form a friendship. Bruce proposed to her in a restaurant without a ring five months later. At that time, the pair was looking for a home to for their families. He explained that he knew Kris had refined taste and that she deserved the greatest ring on her 20th wedding anniversary. They tied the knot in 1991 and had two more daughters together.

Their marriage appeared to be solid and unbreakable. However they announced their divorce in 2013. Bruce later revealed that he was transgender and changed his name to Caitlyn. Caitlyn had the support of her entire family at the time. And she was still on good terms with her ex-wife. It was not, though, without controversy. When Caitlyn gave an unbiased statement to the public about her marriage, the entire family stood up for her. Also, it took time for them to work out all of the issues.

Harry Hamlin and Nicollette Sheridan

They met on the set of the film Deceptions in 1990. The pair tied the knot in September 1991. And their relationship lasted eleven months before they split. Despite the fact that their marriage ended thirty years ago and their partnership lasted less than a year, there are still severe Twitter disputes and promises to reveal the truth, as it truly was.  Nicollette refuted Harry’s accusations that she was cheating on him. Since they were in the press so much, it may have been a wonderful publicity move for both of them. The reasons for their short marriage and divorce are unknown. But the partners have remained silent all these years.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey

Nick and Vanessa both have the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The two had known one another since they were both on MTV in the early 2000s. Nick’s music video for “What’s Left of Me,” which he wrote following his divorce from his wife, featured Vanessa in 2006. Meanwhile, Vanessa ended her partnership, and a romance blossomed between them behind the scenes of the video. The pair took a sabbatical in June 2009. And they rejoined in October after settling all of their issues. Then he proposed to her in 2010, and the two married a year later. They now have 3 kids and are more together than ever before. Communication is the key to their successful marriage. The pair is always talking about their difficulties and needs, and they come up with solutions jointly.

Leslie Bibb and Sam Rockwell

Leslie was waiting to have dinner with friends when the couple met in 2007 at the Chateau Marmont, where Sam was filming the movie. When he smiled at her, chemistry developed between them. The couple embarked on their first date a week later, and they’ve been together ever since. The duo have worked together on a number of classic films and appear to enjoy each other’s company. They are always seen together at social gatherings and enjoy being interviewed. As a result, the pair stated that communication, excellent sex, and a healthy sense of humor are the keys to their great relationship. It’s rare to find a shot of these two that doesn’t show them laughing. The couple is not yet married and does not have any children.

Scorpio x Scorpio Summary

The best qualities of a Scorpio x Scorpio relationship are their bravery, passion, resourcefulness, and ability to be real friends. They have such a good understanding of each other’s emotions, even the negative ones, that it can make others envious. Nevertheless, they must both be open-minded about their sentiments and respect each other’s inner desires for this to happen.

Dating & Love Compatibility
Sexuality Compatibility

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