SCORPIO ZODIAC SIGN - Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpios are born in the period from October 23rd to November 21st. And their zodiac sign belongs to the Water element (along with Cancer and Pisces). Scorpio sign individuals are devoted, intelligent, cunning, and stoic. They are passionate about their convictions and do not seek approval from others. We simply need to look at some of the most popular Halloween babies to get an idea of the traditional Scorpio personality traits and types: Drake, Kendall Jenner, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, and Ciara.

Symbol: Scorpion (♏︎)

Element: Water

Color: Scarlet, Red, Rust

Quality: Fixed

Day: Tuesday

Ruler: Pluto, Mars

Greatest Compatibility: Pisces, Capricorn, Cancer

Lucky Numbers: 8, 11, 18, 22

Icon / emoji:

Scorpio Zodiac Icon

Scorpio Sign Traits


If they’re interested in you, they’ll want to know everything you do, think, and believe (you will NOT be allowed that same access to their private world, however). They enjoy sex, are highly physical, do not do ‘casual,’ and are really intense. This passionate devotion can sometimes become oppressive. But it stems from a want to protect you, a belief that they know better, and a belief that you’re too precious a kitten to be let loose in the world. It can be magical at times, but it can also be overwhelming.


They’re relentless, to say the least. If you give a Scorpio a meaningful and constructive purpose, they have the potential to alter the world. They aren’t used to self-doubt, recriminations, or a lack of confidence. They have a clear idea of what they want and believe they are entitled to it. When confronted with a difficulty, their razor-sharp brain can come up with innovative and out-of-the-box answers and workarounds. Their charm has the ability to win over foes (albeit they’ll have noted them in their ‘Grudge Book’ for later… revenge is best served cold).


About Scorpio sign traits, they approach life as though it were a quest. So they’re focused, on target, and ready to use their charms, strengths, and advantages to achieve what they want (and they always know that they want). It’s like though you’re seeing a great predator parade around. It’s about to do something AWESOME, so watch it arch its back, flex its claws, and flick its tail. And because they don’t disclose their aims or thoughts with anyone, you’ll never know what’s coming next, which makes them even more intriguing.

Everything is strategized, and there is always a hidden agenda with an agenda. Scorpio would be a fantastic ‘Super Spy’… (‘The Spy Who Shagged Me’ in English).


Despite their feared characteristics, there is no one better to have on your side and in your corner than a Scorpio, who is fiercely protective and loyal to those they love. You’d best not miss if you’re going to attack them or their property. They don’t forget or forgive because they’re ice cold like that. And they’ll take a long time to get you back, but they’ll get you back.

Fearlessly curious

Scorpio is unfazed by anything. They need to look more the more sick/twisted/gory/disturbing it is. They are drawn to everything unresolved, mysterious, or concealed in the same way that moths are drawn to a flame. Some become involved in dark and dangerous lifestyles, some dabble in the occult, and some channel their courage into heroic positions and vocations that the rest of us would avoid.

Scorpio Sign Likes

Meditating –  Because they don’t actually need or (honestly) want anyone else’s opinion. It’s a joy for them to retreat into their own brains, where they can plot and scheme and no one will know what they’re up to since they’re all ‘zen’.

Ascending the corporate ladder – They were created to dominate, to succeed, to flourish, and to reach the top of whatever tree they decided to climb. And these people at it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They don’t ‘turn off’ from their ‘job (or wherever their objectives lay) world’. They’re always laboring, strategizing, learning, and networking in some form.

Creating a cult – The occult attracts Scorpios (because other people are wary of it). They also appreciate the control games and techniques. They have the ability to steer others into dangerous situations. A Scorpio with a sinister motive is a dangerous creature.

Martial arts are a type of combat sport – Mars is their ruler, and battle is in their blood.

Relationships – Because it contains all of their desired characteristics: passion, intensity, closeness, control, submission, and secrecy. Scorpios are the best shaggers in the planet.

Scorpio Sign Dislikes

People who rely on others to guide their beliefs, activities, behavior, and thinking are vapid, uninteresting, or listless. Develop a strong backbone! Scorpio don’t have time for those who don’t accept full responsibility for their actions. They recognize that individuals require assistance, but not round-the-clock scaffolding. It frustrates the living daylights out of them.

Disloyalty. Scorpio can’t tolerate it when other people publicly express their opinions about them, even if it’s positive, let alone negative. Friends and partners quickly learn to keep their mouths shut and come straight to them with any grievances.

Scorpio Sign Love And Sex

Scorpio is the zodiac sign of sensuality and ultimate physical-emotional attachment to others. Its representatives are fervent in their pursuit of total closeness and love. This will fill their lives with submission, joy, and union. Scorpio sign compatibility with other signs is highly dependent on each sign’s ability to embrace the darkness within themselves. They are dedicated and faithful when it comes to Scorpio sign love. But they can also be obsessive, possessive, and overbearing. They will choose partners cautiously and take a long time to gain trust and respect with anyone since they are incredibly sensitive, even if they don’t admit it to the world.

This isn’t a symptom of a lack of effort. But because Scorpio sign sex life is so important to them, they may end up in one-night stands and partnerships that don’t meet their emotional needs. This, however, will not keep them happy for long. And they will not be content with this way of life. Once their adventurous and curious temperament has matured a little with age, they will realize that sexual experience is meaningless without emotion.

Scorpio Sign Friends And Family

Friendships – Each Scorpio is a fantastic friend with their honesty and forthright approach, which is tinged with deep emotions. People under this sign are dedicated, loyal, and clever individuals thriving in the presence of witty and interesting people who fill their lives with love and color. A Scorpio sign friendship is full of unexpected twists and turns. And they sometimes end without warning. They recognize that modification is the only permanent in the universe and choose to embrace it in all connections, including friendships.

Family – Scorpio is the zodiac sign that brings the Moon to its lowest point. And when it comes to Scorpio sign family, this sign always has the responsibility of letting go of certain family ideals and patterns instilled in them at an early age. They would turn to their closest family for assistance when they are in agony or suffering, experiencing their love and support even in the darkest of circumstances. In contrast, they may overlook the fact that care may be shown in a variety of ways, including light, color, and innovative, and that it is found in the family they build rather than the one they leave behind.

Scorpio Sign Career And Money

Scorpio’s devotion to a goal they set out to accomplish is almost unsettling. And this makes them excellent at management and problem-solving tasks that require a great deal of energy and effort. They don’t give up under hardship and thrive in high-stress situations that require a calm and steady hand. Scorpio sign career involves science and research of any kind. To be specific, they excel as investigators, cops, psychologists, and doctors. Their extreme admiration for others can make the partnership a bit tough for them. Because they want the same respect from others, even if they are unable of doing so.

Scorpios are budget-conscious. However, they adore the thrill of living life in fear. These people would work hard in order to make money and do everything they can to be self-sufficient. Yet these individuals will quickly become indebted, then take out loans or mortgages, also, handle money that isn’t even theirs. Nonetheless, money provides these people a sense of control and power. In addition, they will rarely take chances they aren’t confident will pay off in the long run.

Scorpio Sign Man

Scorpio Man In Love

When a Scorpio sign man falls in love, he becomes extremely connected to his lover and can get excessively close to him. To his knowledge, a connection with someone is either “the one” or not, and he will never settle for anything less than what he feels is right for him. His feelings are strong and difficult to modify once they’ve surfaced, so if his partner ignites his passion, there’s a better possibility that his love will turn to hatred rather than fade away. He’ll be direct in his approach and often reject the soft side of his feelings, as though it’s required of him to hide his vulnerability. Scorpio guy is capable of a great deal of compassion and emotional understanding when dealing with really deep feelings.

Can You Trust Your Scorpio Man

Trust is black and white for him, just like everything else in his universe. He can be completely trustworthy and dependable. Or he can be cold and distant, making decisions without regard for the sentiments of others. He feels compelled to speak his thoughts at all times. And he will, in most cases, tell it like it is. We may even say that delivering his insights of the unpleasant truth that no one wants to face brings him the most pleasure. However, if he is sufficiently enraged, whether at his spouse, mother, or the entire world, he may become that calm man who you can stare at all day and not detect his intentions or thoughts.

Understanding Scorpio Man

You must first comprehend Scorpio’s emotional nature in order to comprehend him. His sensitivity frequently necessitates a companion who is patient and gentle. This is why he frequently associates with representatives of the Water element or, even better, Earth signs. He’s seeking the love of his life, someone to die with or for. And if you’re not it, your relationship will most likely end before it even begins. Even the most enthusiastic, optimistic Scorpios have this inclination to observe things from their endpoint, according to his link to Pluto, the ruler of the Underworld.

How To Choose A Gift For Your Scorpio Man

A fantastic gift for your Scorpio man is something he mentioned a long time ago but then forgot about. He enjoys being reminded of things that have made him feel good. And the greatest thing to choose is the one he chose himself. Because Uranus is exalted in this sign, he will be interested in technology and computers. But his main concentration will be on discovering his inner depth. With a good psychology book or anything else that will help him grasp the flow of life, you can’t go wrong. Choose something that will teach him about alchemy, alternative healing procedures, or a true understanding of God. That’s a lot better option than that long-desired World War II encyclopedia.

Scorpio Sign Woman

Scorpio Woman In Love

This is a woman whose motives and inner feelings are frequently misinterpreted. She is a terrible symbol of suppressed emotions, which people frequently condemn and avoid. This lady dives into the deepest pool of feeling ever known when she falls in love. She is the Water sign that most closely resembles the depths of female emotions: erotic, protective, and rooted in the Earth’s core. She will demonstrate her love through deeds that cannot be misconstrued. And a Scorpio woman will never tease if she does not want to be connected. Her intentions are apparent, and her love is even clearer, up until she is injured. When this happens, she may become your biggest adversary owing to the severity of her pain.

Can You Trust Your Scorpio Woman

Yes, unless she is in danger. She doesn’t know what to do when her feelings are injured. And the lady has problems finding forgiveness in her heart until her sense of karmic justice is satisfied. This has the potential to make her into the vengeful ex that everyone associates with her. Nevertheless, this is not a rule. This is a woman who understands that what goes around, comes around in many instances. She recognizes that the Universe will always take care of any wrongdoing, and even when upset, many Scorpio women will remain true to themselves, with no intention of tarnishing their honesty or speech.

Understanding Scorpio Woman

She is more like a goddess of feminine initiative, practicality, and strength than a conventional lady, ruled by Pluto and Mars. Her temple is her body. And she desires physical affection more than anything else in her life. However, accepting her personality is difficult for her. And she frequently lets her Sun to become a sleepy ball of energy that isn’t focused on the things she enjoys. Her career needs to be set. And she needs to know what she wants to do with her life. If the girl doesn’t, her irritation and the sense that she doesn’t fit into anybody’s expectations or demands may make her challenging to manage.

How To Choose A Gift For Your Scorpio Woman

When it comes to gifts, a Scorpio sign woman is arguably the most difficult of all the ladies born with the Sun in any other sign of the zodiac. She enjoys being surprised. And she will treasure any pleasant deed or thought shown in her direction. When a difficult scenario happens, such as a Scorpio woman’s birthday or an anniversary, most of her lovers become desperate since nothing can please her. This simply isn’t the case. She gives the idea of being self-sufficient, as if she doesn’t have any wants. Yet if you listen closely, you’ll see she finds satisfaction in the most insignificant of things. She won’t wear jewelry unless it matches her personality. Yet she’ll go crazy for fluorescent stars for her bedroom. Her present must have a genuine feeling, which you can’t miss if you just look within your heart.