TAURUS ZODIAC SIGN - Taurus Horoscope

Taurus is an astrology sign that is sometimes misunderstood. People under the Taurus sign are sometimes stereotyped as laid-back, even indolent, and stubborn. Sure, they can come off as such at times. But their actions are actually guided by a more intelligent and analytical nature than they are given credit for. Taureans, those born between April 21 and May 21, think a lot about everything: love, life, money, work, the weather, and last year’s Love Island. They painstakingly analyze events, pulling them apart to learn how things function and what makes people tick. This takes time (thus their appearance of laziness). However, when it’s done, it means their judgments are detailed and reliable.

Symbol: Bull (♉︎)

Element: Earth

Color: Green, Pink

Quality: Fixed

Day: Friday, Monday

Ruler: Venus

Greatest Compatibility: Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo

Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 9, 12, 24

Icon / emoji:

Taurus Zodiac Icon

Taurus Sign Traits


Inquire of a Taurus if you need anything done. When it comes to Taurus sign traits, they are capable of overcoming any task or problem. Because they have boundless stores of tenacity, patience, and persistence. They’ll just keep coming back at it, like the tide on the beach. Until it becomes something serious, such as relationships, feuds, or hotdog-eating competitions. Then it’s time to move on.


This star sign enjoys the finer things in life, places a premium on comfort and pleasure over almost everything else, and adores luxury. Their physical appearance, residences, and material environment will all look, feel, smell, and taste fantastic! Keep this in mind for birthdays and holidays. Do not expect Aldi’s beauty-dupe to maintain sway. Nope. They only care about “the best.”


Taureans have a slower pace of life than most people (and are frequently late for appointments). What motivates this is a strong desire to think about and consider their every decision (as well as yours). They enjoy analyzing… everything. And it’s this never-ending consideration that makes them so obstinate. They’ve already considered everything (believe me) and are well aware of and dedicated to their position.


Taureans are highly physical beings that value the joys of the physical world (rather than imaginative capers or fantasy stories). As a result, there’s food, drink, relaxation, pampering, shopping, and sex. That’s pretty much it. Taurus is defined by his activity-combination. They may also have problems locating the aforementioned off button. This might get them in a lot of trouble…


Taureans’ partners will become accustomed to yelling “ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?” through locked doors/down stairwells/into their other half’s face, out of pure exasperation and desperation. They won’t listen to you unless you provide them food, alcohol, sex, or money. They are pondering something. Or even just *chilling*, as the case may be. Taureans are happiest when they are doing nothing. Allow them to exist. It indicates that you can do whatever you want and they won’t bother you. Have fun with it!

Taurus Sign Likes

Money – The secret to a great deal of bodily pleasure, and thus the key to their happiness in life (as well as quelling their deep-rooted Earth sign desire for security). Taureans are money aficionados who value, respect, and manage their assets. They enjoy saving and investing.

Food – Taureans don’t live to eat; they eat to live. Food is really important to them, and they enjoy not only cooking and organizing dinner parties, but also going out to eat whenever they can. Bloggers that were born to write about food!

Chilling – They aren’t even reliant on Netflix. Give them a robe, a soft blanket, and some peace and quiet. Then, they’ll be able to sit on that sofa for HOURS.

Flirting – I’m not sure why, but Taureans are usually hot stuff. And they attract fans like moths to a flame. These individuals merely have to peek at a dating app to see invitations pop up. They know how to have a good time, which makes them excellent company – whether in love or friendship! They enjoy catching admiring gazes and are skilled flirts.

Shopping – It’s not just a requirement or a list-driven activity. It’s a specialized event that’s done for its own sake. They’re the type who will spend the entire day “downtown”. Also, they peruse and amble around their favorite boutiques and stores (with a nice lunch too, obvs). They are serious about shopping. If you don’t want to be bored, don’t come along unless you want to be bored.

Taurus Sign Dislikes


They despise the unfamiliar and unpredictable, preferring instead to be in familiar settings. They are adamant about not changing and have a set manner of doing things. Any major life change is unwanted. They are staunch conservatives with firm convictions who rarely allow for change. Change in the form of steady progress is still acceptable. Nevertheless, nothing radical piques their interest. Their values, lifestyles, commitments, and plans are all profoundly ingrained in them. Evolution, on the other hand, is necessary. And they eventually go with the flow, even if it takes them longer than others to accept the new.


Taurus people prefer everything to be in order. They become irritated whenever they are confronted with a complicated scenario that is beyond their control. They despise emotional outbursts and want to remain as calm and organized as humanly feasible. These people feel threatened when there is a crisis or a dangerous circumstance. They will not, at any cost, jeopardize their security and material conveniences. Taurus people are dissatisfied when they lose something in which they have put a lot of time and energy, whether it is a business or a relationship. They dislike being in the company of people who are too noisy, intolerant, and have a “talk first” mentality. If ‘tomorrow never comes’ for Aries, they are among those who plan their ‘tomorrow ahead of time.’


Taurus is a patient sign that likes to take things slowly and steadily. They have no desire to jump from the cliff or go hiking. Instead, they like to take things slowly and enjoy a leisurely stroll in a rose garden. When someone pushes Taurus people to speed up and accomplish a task or make a decision, they feel pressed and agitated. They normally take their time making decisions and take cautious actions. They are emotionally as well as physically intractable. No one can budge if they have started a course because they are too motivated to finish it.


People under Taurus don’t fall in love with just anyone, whether it’s for love or friendship. They prefer to have a small group of friends with whom they may go wine tasting or enjoy fine dining. They are someone who can be depended on and trusted. Those in need seek their assistance. Because they believe in long-term relationships, betrayal is intolerable to them. And they may never forgive the betrayer. Unlike Aries, they carry grudges to the grave. They are trustworthy individuals who can maintain long-term relationships without cheating and demand the same from others. In other words, treachery is the easiest way to lose someone for good.

Fake and Vulgar

Taurus has a refined taste for the best that life has to offer in terms of material goods. They despise all things fake, including phony people, fake jewelry, phony friends, fake flowers, and, of course, fake food. They strive for the best in life, particularly in terms of material possessions. These people have a keen eye for the finer points of a situation and a passion for all things authentic that appeal to their senses. Fresh floral scents, velvety underwear, delectable slow-cooked cuisine, soothing music, and a hot bubble bath are all favorites. Taurus is the most dependable and faithful of the zodiac signs. However, he must master the art of forgiveness, as forgiving and moving on needs a strong man. Things would turn out pretty much as they expect if they were more receptive to change.

Taurus Sign Love And Sex

When it comes to Taurus sign love, one must always be prepared to be patient. They are incredibly sensuous, placing a high value on touch, smell, and all other delightful sensations. But they also require time to create a comfortable setting and relax during sexual relations. They get a little mushy, sometimes even needy, when they build enough connection with a loved one. And they must keep their emotions in check while hanging on to realistic logic and embracing change and initiative from their partner at all times.

They frequently chose someone from the same social environment for long-term partnerships who can meet their intellectual needs as well as the expectations of their family and close friends. Holding on to traditional values and the practical side of life, this is a sign that seldom chooses a spouse who will not fulfill basic upbringing standards, frequently expressing and getting attention through presents and material goods. If they adhere too rigidly to the moral code and reject all taboos and risky techniques, they may find themselves drowning in dissatisfaction and anger issues they don’t know how to manage, which they often express via the person in front of them. Taurus sign compatibility with other signs can be tricky.

When it comes to Taurus sex, keep in mind that the Bull is a sign known for its sexual power and ability to reproduce. Aesthetics are important to them, and he or she will most likely choose an attractive companion. Their hunger for food can quickly turn into a sexual act in and of itself. Bring some strawberries and champagne into the bedroom and see your Bull’s face light up.

Taurus Sign Friends And Family

Friends – People born under this sign are loyal and always prepared to provide a helping hand. However, they can be closed off to the outside world until they gain trust in new social relationships in terms of Taurus sign friendship. A large number of their connections begin while they are young and tend to endure a lifetime. When they form a strong emotional bond with another person, they will go to great lengths to cultivate and maintain that bond, even in the face of adversity.

Family – Taurus sign family matters are extremely significant to them. This is an individual who adores children and values time spent with those who care about them, while also honoring family rituals and traditions and being there at all occasions and celebrations. They would love to celebrate house parties for both family and friends. And they don’t mind cooking a dinner for a large group of people as long as they have a good time in return.

Taurus Sign Career And Money

Money is a passion for Taurus representatives. And when it comes to Taurus sign career, they will work hard to earn it. As an employee or someone in a position of power, they are dependable, diligent, patient, and thorough. These people would stick to a project no matter what occurs in the environment around them if they are focused on it. Understanding their operating pattern requires stability. The desire for financial pleasures and rewards stems from a genuine desire to establish their own sense of worth and live a luxurious yet realistic lifestyle. Their work is considered as a means of achieving this goal.

Taurus is a Sun sign that is very organized with their finances, and they will pay all of their payments on time. They are concerned about their pension, taking responsibility and saving money for a rainy day, and are capable of making do with both a small and a large wage. Agriculture, banking, painting, and anything requiring culinary abilities are all suitable occupations.

Taurus Sign Man

Taurus Man In Love

Men under Taurus can easily fear when it comes time to conquer the subject of their interest. Because the sign of Taurus is known for its lack of assertiveness. Their conservative ideals and kind disposition are at odds. Any situation in which they are unsure about their evaluation of another person’s feelings is an emotional quagmire. When they decide to make the first move, it’s usually the result of a lengthy examination of the other person’s behavior, even if they aren’t conscious of it. If a Taurus sign man is confident in his own feelings and understands his partner’s emotions, he will be a compassionate lover who will look after his spouse for a long time.

Can You Trust Your Taurus Man

He doesn’t say anything most of the time. If he does, it will very certainly be something trivial or opinionated, with no genuine feeling displayed. He is definitely emotional. But he has a difficult time expressing it. His sexual drive is accompanied by emotion. This frightens him because he doesn’t know how to connect the two. It takes a lot of courage for him to open up and share his emotional and sexual world with you. Because there is no true clarity about his inner Self, this can lead to mistrust from his spouse. When he does offer his heart to someone, he grants the gift of absolute trust, which is something to be cherished. You know he’ll never let you down at this point.

Understanding Taurus Man

A Taurus man is a complex guy with a strong emotional side that must be integrated into a macho environment. He can frequently feel insecure about his tenderness. He is aware of this and tries very hard to suppress it, despite the fact that it is one of his strongest attributes. When he is upset, he will hide his emotions from the rest of the world. This also applies to his closest friends and family. To become someone’s perfect man, he needs a lot of care and patience.

How To Choose A Gift For Your Taurus Man

If you want a quick fix, get him something practical like a cotton T-shirt or a pair of pants. Taurus is also associated with food and the sense of taste. Therefore, many Taurus individuals enjoy spending time in the kitchen. This is why, if he has already learned how much he enjoys cooking, any intriguing kitchenware can be a good fit. Put on a gorgeous apron, cook a romantic meal, and create a chocolate cake with his name printed in colorful letters to make your Taurus man pleased.

Taurus Sign Woman

Taurus Woman In Love

When a Taurus sign woman falls in love, she knows how to handle herself. You almost want to be jealous of her natural glow, the look in her eyes, and all the things she’s willing to give up to please the guy she cares about. She will thoroughly scrutinize her spouse at the start of a relationship to discover if they are deserving her affections. She will gradually gain trust, to the point where she will be willing to share her ideas, emotions, and past if necessary. The Taurus woman longs to be loved passionately and gently. But she is terrified of being wounded. An analogy with a delicate flower would be suitable. Since she requires a great deal of care and attention to bloom.

Can You Trust Your Taurus Woman

It takes time to earn someone’s trust. She is probably more cautious about it than any other indicator. Because there is a lot at stake when she decides to open up. If she detects dishonesty, she will lie without hesitation if she feels it necessary to do so. When she feels deceived, her perception of others is like a sensitive antenna, linked to her emotional body. And you can practically see her tremble. She will never let them down if her boyfriend does not disappoint her and remains faithful.

Understanding Taurus Woman

Understanding her may be difficult if you have a strong masculine personality. Some guys find it nearly impossible not to take her for granted. Her sensitive temperament and empathy for others are qualities she demands from her partner but rarely receives. You must sense her emotions, desires, and needs. Be nice with her, protect her even if she acts as if she doesn’t want to be protected, and lower your expectations. Either you adore her or you don’t, she is who she is. Nothing is more irresponsible than a partner who feeds off her lovely Soul while dismissing her as uninteresting and needy.

How To Choose A Gift For Your Taurus Woman

Choose between something pricey and something sensible. It is a common misconception that Taurus women are materialistic. They are aware of its worth and are able to distinguish expensive items. When it comes to love, Taurus women can see the connection between monetary value and quantity of affection. Nonetheless, she will be blown off her feet by a thoughtful, useful gift that she can put to good use. When it comes to flower-filled soaps, natural-scented perfumes, and anything that makes her chuckle, she always has a soft side. Buy her a pair of soft, comfortable slippers, or anything soft and pleasant for that matter. She requires things that are warm, useful, and colorful in her life.