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At first sight, the Virgo and Libra compatability is unable to be smooth owing to the contrast feature. The Virgo is famous for rational and critical characteristic while the Libra is a freedom-lover without any constrant. The different approach will function as challenges for the relationship. However, with right actions and attitude, the conflict tends to transform into opportunities for better understanding. Therefore, to answer all the questionable issues in this combination, we should go further exploration into all aspects.

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Virgo and Libra: Dating & Love Compatibility

Emotional Connections In Love

The emotion of Virgo and Libra never stay the same stimultaniously. This roots from the different orientation, thought and nature in the life. Libra always live according to their emotion and intuition. This sign will pursue advanture, unexpected decision and comfortable feeling. In contrast, as a logical and well-disciplined person, Virgo always make up the rational decision in a careful way throughout evaluation and analysis process. This seperate enegy will lead to conflicts in this couple. As a result, it is hard for them to get along with each other.

Let’s look on the bright side, the disparity of this couple act as not only challenges but also perfect compensation. A scheduled and disciplined person as Virgo will feel stressed and unmotivated sometimes. Fortunately, an energetic partner as Libra, will accompany with them in relaxing journey. A delicious meal, a motivated jokes or a careless quote is a great way to recharge the battery for Virgo. In contrast, as a non-constraint person, Libra is likely to deal with messy troubles on a frequently basis. Virgo partner, a person who stick with descipline and arrangement, will support them to handle task by task, rearrange their life. To sum up, in spite of battles, their life also witness positive transformations based on each other’s presence.

virgo and libra love compatibility

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Trust In Love

Once again, the contrast leads to many trust-related conflicts in their love. It is hard for both of them to have an authentic sympathy into their partner.

The way Libra is flirtatious with others, take advanture unexpectedly, decide without any consideration or hesitation does not make any sense for Virgo. Vice versa, the shyness, attention to details, the rigidity and discipline to strictly obey, is not easy for Libra to understand. The wandering mind of Libra make their partner doubtful about the seriousity and love for this relationship. While the hectic lifestyle of Virgo make their lover neglected. Therefore, unmatched distinctive have negative impact on the quality of their combination.

So as to solve this trouble, Libra and Virgo need to be fully aware the sources of conflict. Adjustment should be made to show their love appreciation and unchangeable loyalty for others. At that point, doubtfullness and unsecured feeling in both will be broken.

Shared Values

As a well-acclimatized signal, Virgo can understand and predict what Libra thinks and feel easily. Therefore, Virgo person can be flexible in the words and actions to satisfy Libra. Especially when Virgo supports Libra to make up decision or handle the issue. Virgo is intelligent enough to not hurt the huge ego of Libra. While Libra will know how to persuade their logical partner in a trustworthy way about their intuitive decision. Therefore, with intelligence and love appreciation from two sides, the frequence for occuring tesion is rare.

Virgo & Libra In Bed: Sexuality Compatibility

In general, the sexuality compatibility will not easy-going and smooth for both of zodiac signs to be immersed into. As a precautious sign, it is impossible for Virgo to engage in the sexuality immediately. They need time to be calm, connected and secured. All they need at that point is the landed patience from Libra. However, with a generousity and strong intuition, they are unable to understand the shyness and hestitation of Virgo. They feel untrusted and distant with their own lovers.

virgo and libra sexuality compatibility

In terms of speed in the relationship, Virgo prefer a slow and soft initial stage. This plays an important role to sooth the nervousity, arouse the enthusiasm, and activate physical contact demand. A glass of wine and a romantic music is a great combo to calm down and ease Virgo. The ability to acclimatization will be triggered.

How ‘s about Libra? Fast and furious is an exact description about this horoscope signal. They act as an experienced and skilled lover who need a passionate chase-and-pursue performance. However, to be more combined with their partners, they need to utilise his richness of experience to ease and delivery the copious source of energy to their Virgo.

To sum up, they are distinct, however, Virgo and Libra are sexually flexible to be immersed in the sexuality compatibility. Even the contrast feature also functions as a suitable puzzle piece in their love.

Virgo and Libra marriage

The commitment in marriage force them to make adjustment to weaken the difference and enhance the similarity. With a perfect-orientated Virgo, Libra is more patient and strive to satisfy their wife or husband. But the freedom need to be respected. While Virgo is likely to be more easier and comfortable because they do not want to make anybody suffocated. Both of them can come into realize that the shared purpose of a marriage is a peaceful and fullfiled happiness.

virgo and libra marriage

Virgo will take care of their family, make their house cleaned, educate their children intellectual and well-behaving. Libra will solve the unexpected trouble with calm and intelligent. As a result, they both do their best to be combined and devote to build up a family

Both Virgo and Libra have a tendency to learn various lessons by the hard way from their own kids. It is neccesary for Virgo to normalise the pain or mistake of the child, for Libra to be more rigid with himself for a perfect idol image in their children’s mind.

Virgo And Libra Friendship

Fun & Interests

Regardless of the hobbies, Virgo love challenging and intellectual work. Once they get envolved, they will strive to be mastered at this. The hobbies interest them may be reading books, exercise, learn a new language, and other useful hobbies.

While Libra expertises in catching the trend, they will follow the ever-changing hobbies. They are fancied with trendy things, however, it is rare to see them pursue the adoption for years.

With eagerness to be better, Virgo will be satisfied when they can grasp a new knowledge or skill. Acquiring new language, being fitter body, playing a new music by piano will make Virgo happier than ever. In constrast, virgo never belong to the noisy or crowded. Strangers and noise will make them loss and suffocated, which is the reason for rejection of Virgo toward invitation.

What Virgo feel afraid and unwilling to do is the thing Libra attracted to. Libra will be recharged with hanging out, go to the party, have fun with a plethora of friends.

Owing to the disparity, Virgo and Libra can not immerse in the same interest and fun. Possibly they will share and connect by another perspective, not interest and fun.

Both of the zodiacs did not expect the commitment and trust in a relationship
Both of the zodiacs did not expect the commitment and trust in a relationship


Virgo and Libra are not passionate the commitment. As mentioned about, Libra have a plethora of friends and diverse parties to join. It means they do not have time and devotion enough to develop deeper a relationship. Therefore, it is hard to witness an ever-changing Libra serious with a long-lasting friendship.

Similarly, with a schedule with density of working and studying, Virgo harness all their time and effort in to self-help process. Therefore, they only reunion with their friend to relax and destress when they are free from work. Staying together all the time is not what Virgo expect.

As we all can see, the Libra and Virgo friendship is low at commitment. Even they are unlikely to expect the loyalty from their friends. Only when they can feel the important value of a relationship, they also are able to trust and trusted.

Bond & Long lasting ability

Both of the zodiacs did not expect the commitment and trust in a relationship. Moreover, they are too different in interest and fun approach. They can not have understanding about each other thought and actions. What other thinks and act do not make sense to Virgo and Libra.

They are too seperate to immerse a further soulmate relationship. Nonetheless, if this relationship stay maintained after ups and downs. They will have a deeper sympathy into their friends. An authentic understanding will minimize the conflict, enhance the sharing, supporting and motivating.

To sum up, with an improved sharing and trust, the connection is likely to bond closer. The strengthened bond and available appreciation, the Virgo and Libra is potential to last forever.

Are Libra and Virgo soulmates?

As we all can see, Virgo and Libra are never be the same because of the difference frequency. The Libra and Virgo soulmates will be potential to develop and go further only when both of them have a deep appreciation and respect the difference.

Let each other enjoy by their own way. Virgo just concentrate on studying and self development. Libra also can engage in their fun party and wine. When they feel they need their friend’s presence, they will know how to contact and connect. At that point, the connection and bond of us is nourished.

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Libra and Virgo keen on the luxurious things, pursue the comfortable love. They can enjoy the luxury as an award of long hours of hard work and study. The two signs will motivate and inspire mutually for both better and enjoy the result together. They will award themselve after a period of time working restless with a fine-dining date or an afternoon tea bonding.

The difference also roots for their conflict. But they will keep silent and neglect for the reason that no one in this relationship is willing to confront. Both of horoscope signs are follow peace and stay away from wars. This is not good for a long healthy and balance relationship. For a long-lasting combination, two of them should be direct and solve in a holistic way

pros and cons 2 zodiac signs


Albeit the similarity of them will pull Virgo and Libra closer, the difference in thought, behaviour and attitude is such a challenge for them to immerse the same beat. The lack of connection ability makes conflict happen, while no one in this combination eager to solve. As a result, the dissatisfaction will be accumulating day by day, word by word. One day in the future, this relationship will come into the end without any possibility to save. It is too hard for them to reach the meeting point.

Libra Man And Virgo Woman Famous Couples

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

This well-known couple come into the gorgous wedding since 1997. They welcomed three lovely children. This combination also witnessed many ups and downs. Both of them used to had a contemporary seperation to solve some trouble. But then, with love appreciation, they can overcome all the difficulties. The conflict only act as a chance for them to realize the importance of their partner.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

This love is originated from a friendship. After a period of time dating, a marriage and kids is a happy ending for their love. Until now, they are still happy with their partner and children.

Carice van Houten and Guy Pearce

A movie is destiny for this Virgo man and Libra woman love compatibility. Just after a series of tough time and experience of Guy with the previous wife. They has an intelligent son. The love of them is fast but not furious. Until now, they still thrive to build up a home filled with happiness and great memory. Each presence is a fortune of each other with mission to make their partner happy.

Virgo x Libra Summary

Owing to the distinction, Virgo x Libra will cope with a diversity of ups and downs that challenge their sustainability of relationship. However, if they are able to appreciate the love, respect other ego, this couple will overcome and be tightened. Virgo should sympathize with freedom love of Libra, while Libra ought to be tidy and mature when accompanying with their partners. A right action, a suitable adjustment is a key to calm the tension and strengthen the connection.

Dating & Love Compatibility
Sexuality Compatibility

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